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The Blast

Sitting in my living room
I hear the wind.
It will be gone soon,
And it’s blast
Will outlast
Thee and me.

Stream Of Consciousness More Or Less

Stream of consciousness
More or less.
Heels and shopping deals.
She steals
He will shop another day

On this Windy Day

On this windy day
In April
I can not say
Whether the flowers I pass
On this woodland path
Will stay
For another day.

I think
That they
Are the same as those
I saw before,
Although I can not say
For sure
Whether it be so.

I suppose
That both I and they
Will see the rain’s tears
In future years,
But this I can not say
For sure.

I Think Of You Without Shoe Or Sock

I think of you
Without shoe
Or sock,
But passion’s knock
Will never be heard
So I shall cease this empty word
Play and do something useful with my day.
But, when in the land
Of sleep,
You may creep
Into my head, for I can not command
The shadows of dreamland
Where passion unlocks
And girls lose
Their shoes
And socks …