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I Think Of You Without Shoe Or Sock

I think of you
Without shoe
Or sock,
But passion’s knock
Will never be heard
So I shall cease this empty word
Play and do something useful with my day.
But, when in the land
Of sleep,
You may creep
Into my head, for I can not command
The shadows of dreamland
Where passion unlocks
And girls lose
Their shoes
And socks …

Humourous poems by K Morris on Soundcloud

Below are three humourous poems, and a couple of photographs taken by my friend Shanelle of my guide dog Trigger following a walk in the park.


Trigger smiling at the camera


Trigger beaming after his walk in the park


A very happy dog!


For The Walk Never Taken

For the walk that was never taken,
For the talk that was never talked,
For the ball never played,
For the one who stayed
At home
Who was to blame?

Love is a game
To some
And perhaps it matters not
For the sun
Is still hot
And the sky does remain
Suspended above
This game
Of love.

The Wind Did Pass

The wind did pass
Through the grass
Where the lovers true
Walked and talked.
He helped her over the stile,
Which won for him a smile.
While the sun shone on,
And the wind continued to pass,
Though lad and lass
Had entered the field
Where the grain does yield
To the fickle sickle,
And is gone.