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An Opportunity for Poets to Have their Work Aired

I have received the below notification regarding an opportunity for poets to have their work aired:

“Dear friends and fellow poets,

We are sending you all our very best wishes for your good health and continued safety and would like to invite you to join in a brand new adventure while
all of us are in confinement of one kind or another.

We have had the following interesting idea shared with us and we want to invite you all to contribute.  

If you have written, or would like to write, about your present situation or want to reflect on the experiences of people around you in these strange Coronavirus
times then read on – start writing – and send your poems directly to David Vickery.  

kindest thoughts to you all

Caroline and Angela x


I’m no poet but I can read poetry and with my track record as an actor, announcer and voice-over artist in broadcast and non-broadcast work over the past
40 years, I know I can sit in front of a camera and read other people’s verse.

So, if you, or your friends would like to write a poem in response to Coronavirus, the lockdown, or any aspect of the current situation that is of interest
to them, then I’d like to read it out on a Facebook site I am setting up.  One thing – I am looking for poems that will cheer us up, not take us down.
Think positive.

The site will be promoted via Twitter and Instagram and I anticipate there will be an early  boost to numbers coming to the site as I have a television
entertainment friend in San Francisco who says he’ll happily talk about this on-air.

I can’t guarantee a poem EVERY  single day but certainly most days – and I obviously can’t GUARANTEE  to read out every poem sent to me but will try! Also
the inclusion of a little bit of background information about the poet to add some colour and texture to the content would be appreciated. There is no
set length to the poem or any other parameters beyond those stated.  The “on-air” environment will reflect a certain cheekiness. We have to smile our way
through these days.

One final thing – a small legal bit. There needs to be confirmation from anyone who submits a poem that they grant me usage to show and distribute their
poem. And that’s about it.

I have a busy working week ahead at the BBC, so my guess is that this will be up and running by the end of next week (15/16 April?). Enough time to write
a poem, or two?

Replies should be to 

Here’s where you can find out about me 
 .  Although I find them embarrassing to watch these days there are plenty of TVS Late Night Late videos to be found on YouTube from 30 years ago 

 but my approach will be somewhat similar. 

For anyone who is interested, THANK YOU so much! Let’s have some fun.

Best Wishes from South London


I Know A Young Barmaid Named Page

I know a young barmaid named Page
With whom I try to engage.
But when I ask her to dance
She says, “you have no chance,
As your bar bill you haven’t paid!”.

I know a young actress named Page
With whom I tried to engage.
But when I asked her to dance
She said, “you have no chance,
Then she threw me off the stage!”.

I am exploring having “My Old Clock” recorded, using Audiobook Creation Exchange

I am exploring having my collection of poetry, “My Old Clock I Wind” recorded, using Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX).

ACX allows authors to record their own work and upload to various audio book channels to facilitate it’s sale.

Alternatively authors may advertise for the services of suitable readers using ACX. I have gone down the latter route.

My pitch for a reader to narrate “My Old Clock I Wind” can be found here, https://www.acx.com/titleview/A3EGFIZRP3GE9R.

“My Old Clock” is currently available, in paperback and ebook formats from Moyhill, http://moyhill.com/clock/, and as an ebook only from Amazon, https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0735JBVBG.


Acting is your forte.
Your part you did play
(Was it really only yesterday)?
So incredibly well
That it was almost impossible to tell
What in your heart did dwell.

It was a mere sinch
To convince
Me you meant no harm.
But your charm
Should have sounded an alarm.
I know you to well
And the slight smell
Of doubt
Ought to have caused me to throw you out.

I suspect
Someone tells you your lines.
While I ought to have seen the signs
There is a grudging respect
For your acting skill.
I wonder will
You fluff a line
One fine day
And stand, tongue tied with nothing to say?

Surely your charm
Can not forever disarm
The suspicion
Of those who should recognise pedition.

Yes, one day you will trip
And fall off the stage.
The audience will turn
In rage
And learn
Who feeds you those almost perfect lines.

The Play

Sitting on a bench in the school playground
With children milling all around.
Yes, I remember it as though it was yesterday,
The actors came to perform a play.
Me weak
With a longing only half understood.
Unable to speak
And gawkishly shy,
I would
Where I to address
The girl in the summer dress.

I recollect nought of the play
Yet thoughts of the actresses with me stay.
With age
‘Tis said one becomes a sage.
Different actors perform upon the stage
And now my hair is grey
I pay
To see the players play.
As with the actors of yesterday
They too, will fade away.