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A Girl’s Innocence

A girl’s innocence is divine.
Her purity attracts. Distracts.
And oft, after wine,
To sin, is truly divine.

I Heard A Click of Heels

I heard a click of heels,
And thought of skin,
Slippery as eels.
I heard a knocking in the night
And thought how thin
Is the material separating one from
The delight
Of sin.

Virtue wears the same, Boring
Old smile.
She will have you snoring.
But sin, she has style!

The Line

Whilst speaking with a young lady
My imagination has roamed free,
And I have thought how slim
Is she,
And how thin
The dress
Twixt her and me.

I walk the line
‘Twixt virtue and sin
And sometimes stray
For the line
Is gosamer fine,
And to sin,
Can be divine.


Some men love the horserace.
‘Tis the thrill of winning
After which they chase.
Others prefer another kind of punting,
A hunting
After fallen women.
‘Tis a type of bet,
Which some call sinning,
Which may end in regret
Or pleasure, but never winning

If Each Glass Told A Tale

If each glass told a tale
We would turn pale
And take
To avoid their
Impassive stare.

Many a glass would break.
Such an easy mistake
To make
To catch a mirror, with an elbow
And watch it go
And see our sinning
In fragments on the floor,
To be spoken of no more
By the all-seeing eye …

If I Told You What I Dream

If I told you what I dream
You would move the conversation on to the weather
Or any subject but that
Of which I dream.
But why so?
For you know
That every man has his craze,
The secret fire that does blaze within.
Some are driven mad
And are almost glad
To give in
And sin.