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I Have Awoken to Birdsong

I have awoken to birdsong

And lain awake

Until sleep takes me again.

I measure time

With clocks. Birds and flowers

No not hours,

Nor do they see me

Conversing with time

In a half rhyming rhyme

Until my song is done.

It Rained Last Night

It rained last night.
The wet trees brushed
Against my thirsting flesh.
The delight
Of parched park refreshed
By rain.


We may try to deny
That Mother Nature is there.
But the bur
On our clothes.
The prick of the rose.
And twigs in our hair.
Show what we know,
That nature is there.

My Poem “A Summer Butterfly” Included on the World Poetry Reading Series for 21 July

I am pleased to announce that my poem A Summer Butterfly has been included on the World Poetry Reading Series for 21 July. A Summer Butterfly is read by Ariadne Sawyer and can be found approximately 6 minutes into the podcast https://www.mixcloud.com/VictorSchwartzman/world-poetry-cafe-for-july-21-2022/.

I listened to the show using Google Chrome. However, other browsers should also work. You don’t need an account on Mixcloud in order to listen.

You can find a transcript of my poem here https://kmorrispoet.com/2022/07/05/a-summer-butterfly/.

Why Do I Try to Cage

Why do I try
To cage
A blackbird in my paper cage?
In spring he sings
And makes for me
Sublime poetry.
That I can not cage
Within my poor poetic cage.

As the Light Slowly Dimmed

As the light
Slowly dimmed
I took delight
In birds.
“Oh my god!”.
But words
Are not birds.

In the Cold Air

In the cold air
A bird did sing.
I have my care.
But I heard a blackbird
Trill in the chill air,
Which took away my care.


An intense sense
Of my mortality
Comes to me
When I hear
The sweet clear
Song of birds.

Oft when caught
In useless thought
Or in empty words,
I hear the birds.
I see beauty.
And am free


Dusk softly falls
. As blackbirds call
Tis a kind of poetry
As brother calls to brother.
Or, more prosaically,
Its merely territory.
But tis poetry to me.