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When a Daring Young Lady Named Ria

When a daring young lady named Ria
Decided to swing from my old chandelier,
The good Bishop Paul
Feared she would fall.
But she fell long ago, did Ria.

There Was a Young Lady Named Yvette

There was a young lady named Yvette
Who caused many rich gentlemen to forget
Their duty and sense,
Which led to expense.
And a contented and very wealthy Yvette.

When A Young Lady Most Enigmatical

When a young lady most enigmatical
Said, “you are far too fanatical”.
And I failed to comprehend,
She called me her friend.
And then we discussed the grammatical.

For Tomorrow We Die

When a young man whose name is Jerry
Said, “let us eat, drink and be merry”.
And I said, “for tomorrow we die”,
He said, “sir, “that is a lie!”.
As tomorrow I am getting married to Sherry!”.

My Tory Friend

My friend whose name is Lou
Is a Tory through and through.
Being a young lady bold
She swims in water cold,
Which makes Lou turn bright blue!

The Policeman

When a policeman said, in a manner most mysterious
“Sir, are you treating this matter as truly serious?”.
I stood on my head
And with great gravity said,
“Officer, I am never anything other than truly serious!”.

Miss Wearing

When a young lady named Miss Wearing
Said, “your behaviour is so very uncaring!”.
I put on my hat
And said, “what of that?”,
I find your behaviour so very wearing!”.

When A Young Lady Drunk On Strong Booze

When a young lady full of strong booze
Said, “have any of you seen my shoes?”.
And she danced on the table
They said, “my dear Miss Mabel,
“Are those your shoes, floating in our booze!.

Leigh’s Poem

When a young lady named Miss Leigh
Said, “my poem is in an anthology!”.
And I said, “that’s great!”.
A talented poet called Kate
Said, “that poem was written by me!”.