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There Once Was a Dog Named Apollo

There once was a dog named Apollo
Who said, “my stomach is very hollow!”
So he ate a goat
And my old great coat.
But his stomach it still felt hollow!

There Once Was a Poor Rhymer Named Guy

There once was a poor rhymer named Guy
Who said, “I fear that I shall die.
They will bury me
Under yonder old tree,
With my poor poetry, and this poisoned pie!”

A Most Forgetful Young Lady Named Hocking

A most forgetful young lady named Hocking
Is well known for losing her stockings.
My good friend Miss Lou
Has lost many a shoe,
Which I’ve found with Miss Hocking’s stockings …!

Miss Lucy

When a young lady whose name is Lucy
Said, “do you think my fruit is juicy?”
I said, “I swear
That’s a huge pear!
And that peach is so big and juicy!”

Miss Kipper’s Slipper

There once was a young lady named Kipper
Who owned a rather fine old slipper.
A person named Dan
Was a generous man
And liked to spend time with Miss Kipper …

Miss Meek

When a young lady named Meek
Said, “your poetry is very bleak!”,
I said, with a sigh,
“You and I will die”,
Which made poor Miss Meek weep!

When I Went to a Swingers Party

When I went to a swingers party
With my friend who is rather arty,
She stood in a corner
With an artist named Warner.
As for me, I’m not that arty …!

As I Walked in a Beautiful Hollow

As I walked in a beautiful hollow
A young lady asked me to follow.
She was pretty and witty
And came from the city.
But alas, she was so very hollow!

There Was a Young Lady Named Karen

There was a young lady named Karen
Who married an old man called Darren.
But he had an affair
With her best friend Claire,
So she left that rat for Sharon!

Maddie and Her Sugar Daddy

A young lady whose name is Maddie
Being in search of a sweet sugar daddy
Met a man called Ken
(Who, being fond of men),
Sold Maddie a fine old tea caddy!