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When Lou Lost Her Shoe

When a young lady named Lou
Lost a brand new high-heel shoe,
The good bishop Paul
Spoke of the fall.
And returned that shoe to Lou!

Lockdown Humour

When a young lady named Ria
Said, “I shall in love and beer
Spend this second lockdown”,
She made me frown.
As its me who buys the beer!

Pat’s Bat

When a young man named Pat
Threatened me with a large bat
I said, “put down that mammal
Or I shall loose my camel!”.
So pat put down that bat!

A Young Lady With Morals Most Loose

A young lady with morals most loose
Likes to ride around on a goose.
My friend calls her Clair,
And the vicar Miss Flair.
And sometimes I ride on her goose!

When A Young Lady Named Miss Heather

When a young lady named Miss Heather
Said, “I don’t like this cold weather”.
A most wicked man called Ted
Said, “its warm in my bed”.
But I don’t know whether Miss Heather …

A Need to Confess

A young lady wearing a short dress
Said, “I’ve many a sin to confess!”.
I said, “my dear Miss Lou
That is a matter for you.
But don’t mention you, me and Bess!”.

Whilst Drunk On Very Strong Beer

Whilst drunk on very strong beer
I met the late Edward Lear.
When I said, “you are dead!”,
He turned to me and said,
“Yes, but I fancied a beer!”.

When I Went On A Halloween Date

When I went on a Halloween date
With a girl who calls herself Kate,
We stopped by a grave
Where I met with Dave.
Who shares that grave with Miss Kate!

Whilst Walking Through The Graveyard On Halloween

Whilst walking through the graveyard on Halloween
I saw a ghoul dressed in green.
When I said, “why not white?”.
He replied, “because this Halloween night,
You are having a very strange dream!”.

My Halloween

I awoke from a most horrible dream
On the day that’s known as Halloween.
I rubbed my eyes
And, to my surprise,
Found the Devil had eaten the cream!