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As Valentines Approaches

As Valentines approaches
Girls finger brooches
Wondering which one to wear.
“Is that dress
Too short?
Or ought I
To show more thigh?”

Elsewhere, men with greying hair
Sit alone
And, reaching for the telephone
Make calls To girls who
(Strictly between me and you)
Have nothing to do
Other than to play
At Valentines, for a day.


When A Young Lady Who Is Divine

When a young lady who is Divine
Asked me to be her Valentine,
My wife Clair
Said, “he is washing his hair”,
But it was washed by 9 …

Flowers In A Jar

Venus’s star
Will shine bright
On flowers in a jar.

Lovers will raise
A glass in praise
Of the goddess most fair
And stare
In rapture
At the blooms which so exquisitely capture
The essence of Valentine’s day,
For they
being artificial, can not fade away

Valentine’s Day

Roses red
Speak of bed
To some.
How life does run
Soon Valentines will have come
And gone
As the pendulum swings on.

I doubt tomorrow will be fine
Yet women and wine
Are surely divine?
The line
Betwixt leg and skirt.
Lonleness does hurt.
Will she stay
On Valentine’s day?