Like the sun’s rays
On rain filled days
The critic damned
With faint praise


Karl Marx Discussed Factors of Production with His Maid

Karl Marx discussed factors of production
With his maid
Who, no longer staid
Learned about equality,
The seduction
Of maid
By master
And what it is
To be free.


Her Surrender ~ A Poem By Walt Page, The Tennessee Poet

Walt's Writings

She stands there quietly
Watching as I walk to her
My hands caress her fingers
Letting my fingertips
Slide softly up her arms
Her eyes never leave mine
As she waits
Wondering what will come next
I let my fingers linger on her arms
Knowing her anticipation is building
Letting my fingers caress her neck
Feeling her heartbeat increasing
Her breathing is faster now
As my fingers caress her cheeks
I can feel her tremble
My finger slowly traces the outline
Of her full lips
And I can feel her desire
I sense her need
I can taste the heat of her breath
As my lips meet hers
And at that sensual moment
I can feel
Her surrender

~The Tennessee Poet~
©Walt Page 2019 All Rights Reserved

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Throw A Stone Into A Brook

Throw a stone into a brook
And look
As the water ripples.
Then, when the ripples are gone
You may
Ponder, on yonder
Setting sun, or turn away
For to think on
Days end
Can be painful, my friend.

The Rhyme Of Time

A poem from my archives. Time catches up with young lovers in the end, although they may pretend that the clock will stop, at some frozen place, in time and space.

K Morris - Poet

The clock
Does mock
His shoes
Her discarded sock.
“Those who in boudoirs stay
Will lose
For they
Being at play
Do not hear
My chime,
Or perhaps out of fear
Turn a deaf ear
To the rhyme
Of time”.

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