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To those who died that you and me
Might live free.
To those who gave their sweet breath for King and Countrie.
I regret that yesterday
I had no cash to pay
For a poppy deep red
To remember the dead.

I will not know the stench
Of trench
Nor the wrench
Of fear
And pain as spear
Drains the life away.

What can the poet say
Who has never known
The touch of steel against bone?
We die alone
But most will peaceful go
And will not know
The woe
Of comrades lost,
Nor count the cost
Of bloody strife.
They will not give their life
That others (you and me)
May live free.

Having only my debit card I regret to say
That I could not buy
A blood red
Poppy to remember the dead
As I wended my way
To my nine to five job yesterday.

Death March – A Guest Post By Jane Of Fluency

Many thanks to Jane, of Fluency for the below guest post, which first appeared on her blog and can be found by following the below link, (https://fluencyofwords.wordpress.com/2014/11/18/death-march/). The below poem is reproduced by kind permission of Jane and remains her property.



Onward, men, don’t linger for longer,

feel that pride rushing through you,

the unworn wind filling your lungs.

Don’t look over your shoulder no more,

I vouch no guns pointed at your head.


Don’t worry about the world,

about your dead friends and lives,

of your soul in the barracks.

Ain’t nothing you can do,

if you wake up in a nightmare.


Lads, don’t make trouble,

to hear a bomb explode is mad,

you hear?

Don’t go telling others what’s not,

or you’ll live in a damn facility.


Go on, soldier,

live the rest of your life

with family,

in peace.


Epitaph On An Army Of Mercenaries By A E Housman

I like the unsentimental nature of this poem which never fails to bring a smile to my lips:



“These, in the day when heaven was falling,


The hour when earth’s foundations fled,


Followed their mercenary calling,


And took their wages, and are dead.


Their shoulders held the sky suspended;


They stood, and earth’s foundations stay;


What God abandoned, these defended,


And saved the sum of things for pay.”

Hitler’s Liverpudlian Half Brother

As a Liverpudlian bborn and bred I was interested to read the below article relating to Adolf Hitler’s half brother in respect of the 1911 census, http://blog.findmypast.co.uk/2014/adolf-hitlers-liverpudlian-half-brother-in-the-1911-census/. There are those who claim that the infamous Adolf actually spent time in Liverpool although so far as I have been able to ascertain there exists no historical evidence to substantiate this claim.

I remember, many years ago reading a fictionalised account of Adolf’s visit to Liverpool. There are, almost certainly a number of books written along similar lines but I can not, for the life of me remember the title of the one I read.