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You praised polyamory.

As for me

I am not polyamorous

But you, being glamorous,

I found time

To rhyme

And discuss polyamory

With thee …


When a young lady whose name is Lou

Said, “watch out as I’m coming for you!”.

And I said, “are you a ghoul,

She said, “no! you stupid old fool!

I’m Lou, and you’ve just stolen my shoe!”.



When a young lady named Kate

Said, “Kevin, you really do procrastinate!”.

I said, “I beg your pardon!

But I am doing this garden!

But perhaps the garden can wait …!”.

Corporate Types

Corporate types programme their likes

Into computers,

Where they are heard

By commuters

And a middle-aged poet

Who romanticises vinyl,

And exchanges a final word

With the barmaid,

Who doesn’t remember vinyl.



A Careless Young Lady Named Mar

A careless young lady named Mar

Is known for losing her bra.

While her friend Coral

Is really quite moral

Though I’ve sometimes found her bra …

I Forget the Last Time

I forget the last time.

But often look

In dusty books

And find pleasure in rhyme.



I still feed my need

With verse from volumes

Full of musty scent.



But there is another perfume

Of which I sometimes repent


As someone who is registered blind, I can relate to Lorraine’s post. I haven’t experienced the extreme behaviours Lorraine has. I have, however been patronised on account of my visual impairment. I have, however found that most people treat me with respect. All of my close friends are non-disabled and I live independently getting around with my guide dog Apollo, or, occasionally with the assistance of a long white cane. All disabled people are individuals and their experiences differ as is the case with all people, whether they have a disability or not. The bottom line is that everyone should be treated with respect irrespective of whether they are disabled or otherwise.

To begin with, I HATE that word disabled. I do not know another one though.

It is amazing how some people seem to think about us. I want to say that I am quite normal, whatever normal is lol. It seems that some people think I have lost my marbles just because I am blind and in a wheelchair. Although on occasions I can still walk with two canes and was hoping to get better at that.

Anyway, let me tell you what happened to me at the church where I used to go. For years I had played my flute at the Sunday evening Mass until people started to view me differently. They used to give me a hug quite often, until i became more blind and disable. Ugh, how I hate that word. Anyway, they started to avoid me. Also they ridiculed me and my husband. This was…

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A man whose name was Wood

Said my poetry was no good.

In the forest dark

His end was stark.

But my alibi it was good …


I know a young lady named Rose

Who walks around whilst wearing no clothes.

But when we go shopping

She does wear 1 stocking.

Which I think shows decorum by Rose!