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Light and Shade serious (and not so serious) poems By Kevin Morris

I was delighted to receive this review of my book “Light and Shade”. My thanks to Hannah for taking the time to read and review my poetry.

Echoes In An Empty Room

Life is full of light and shade. For to be human is to experience joy, beauty, love, pain and laughter. This collection reflects all facets of human experience. hence the title ‘Light and Shade; serious (and not so serious poems)’.

My Thoughts:

I am really getting into poem books now, I like the fact that this one is divided into sections, one section has thought provoking and serious poems and the other has amusing poems. I enjoyed the majority of the poems Vanity was probably my favourite. I like poems that make you think but I also like poems that are funny and make me smile, Kevin has got a good balance of both here. A really good poem book.

I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review.

Get your copy here:

About the Author:

If you would like to know more about Kevin and see…

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When A Young Lady Waving A Gun

When a young lady waving a gun
Said, “I hope you’re up for fun!”.
And I said, “If not,
Then Will I be shot?”.
She said, “Just try it, and run!”.

A Reminder: Poet Kevin Morris Interviewed by Ariadne Sawyer of The World Poetry Reading Series At 9 PM (UK Time) This Evening (Thursday 24 September)

A reminder, for anyone who is interested, that my interview with Ariadne Sawyer of Vancouver Co-Op Radio’s The World Poetry Reading Series will be broadcast this evening,

The show starts at 9 pm (UK time), whilst my bit can be found approximately 10-15 minutes into the broadcast.

During the broadcast I talk about my poetry and read several of my poems, including “Dog Bed”, which was composed in response to the death of my dog Trigger earlier this month, (

Muddy Revisited

“The long summer days” have already turned to Autumn. However, given the current state of things I, once more feel impelled to share this poem.

K Morris - Poet

“Muddy” first appeared here in 2016. Looking at the state of British politics, and the world in general, I feel impelled to share this poem again.

Thoughts muddy
I will forsake
And take
Refuge in my study,
Among poets who speak
Words that endure beyond a week.

I shall sit listening to birdsong.
The long
Summer days willimperceptibly turn
Into Autumn. I shall the world spurn
And yearn
For Keat’s Nightingale.

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Betty’s Spaghetti

When a young lady named Betty
Tried to feed me poisoned spaghetti.
I said, “me and Murry
Are off for a curry.
But Betty, please eat your spaghetti!”.


A young lady whose name is Pearl
Has a job as a working girl.
I’ve oft seen her writing,
Which is not that exciting.
But she works as a working girl.

There Once Was A Vampire Named Keith

There once was a vampire named Keith
Who, in a fight lost his teeth
A dentist called Bangs
Gave him false fangs.
But Keith he still missed his teeth!