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Of Poetry and Felines

Following on from my post of 1 July,, I am pleased to announce that a podcast of my interview on Vancouver Co-Op Radio’s the World Poetry Reading Series is now available and can be found here,

My interview starts approximately 20 minutes into the podcast, and runs for some 15 minutes.

I listened back to my interview using Google Chrome, so know that Chrome works. However, as is so often said, other browsers are available!

During the course of the podcast, you will hear the interventions of Tommy the cat. He did, I think enjoy my poems, or perhaps his mews where his way of saying, “is there not something more interesting I could be doing, than listening to a middle-aged poet reading his poetry!”.

Poet Kevin Morris’s Interview on the World Poetry Reading Series is Due to be Aired at 9 pm (UK Time) on Thursday 2 July

As explained in this post,, I was due to be interviewed by Ariadne Sawyer of the World Poetry Reading Series concerning my poetry and, in particular my recently released collection, “Light and Shade: Serious (and Not so Serious) Poems“, over Zoom on Thursday 25 June.

The interview duly took place, and will (technology permitting) be broadcast at 9 pm (UK time), on Thursday 2 July.

The World Poetry Reading Series can be found here, My interview takes place approximately 20 minutes into the show, and can be listened to online, via smart speakers such as Amazon Echo, or on digital radio.



When I dated a young lady most curvaceous
Who said, “good sir, you are very sagacious!”.
And I said, “thank you so much.
With young ladies, I always go dutch”.
She said, “I can be more than flirtatious …!”

Neef the Thief

There once was a man named Neef
Whose occupation was that of professional thief.
He threatened a lady from Bristol
Who, with her sword and pistol,
Brought that thief named Neef to grief!

Awaking in the Depths of the Night

Awaking in the depths of the night
I saw a girl dressed in white.
When I called her a ghoul
She said, “you stupid old fool!
I’m a vampire who likes to bite!”.

A Young Lady Eating Hot Buttered Toast

A young lady eating hot buttered toast
Said, “I am a most terrible ghost!”.
She had large feet
And really could eat!
And she stole my hot buttered toast!

I Scent the Early Summer Air

I scent the early summer air,
And there
Find a hint of autumn leaves.
The trees
Hold what will be gold
Once autumn calls, and leaves
Fall down,
To the ground.
For within this early summer air,
I scent the autumn hiding there.

Shopping During the Pandemic

Being in need of some new trainers (the 2 pairs I own are fine for walking the dog, but not much else), I visited TK Maxx with a friend yesterday.

According to this Guardian article,, one can expect the following when clothes shopping during the COVID-19 pandemic:

Staff wearing masks.
The presence of free hand sanatiser in stores.
A 2 meter social distancing rule,
And any clothes touched by customers quarantined (if not bought) to prevent the spread of the virus.

Being blind, I did my shopping with the assistance of a sighted friend.

Sure enough, on entering the store, we where directed to hand sanatiser which we both used prior to commencing our shopping.

“Are the staff wearing masks?” I enquired?”, as we stood by a clothes rail. “no”, my friend replied.

In England, its compulsory to wear masks/cover one’s face on public transport. However the wearing of face coverings in most other settings (including shops) is voluntary.

Whilst in store, I tried on several pairs of trainers, one of which I purchased, whilst the others where returned to the shelves.

My friend and I both handled clothes and put back those we did not purchase, as there seemed to be no separate place for depositing garments destined for quarantine.

In England, the 2 meter social distancing rule has been reduced to 1 meter plus. This means that 2 meters should still apply when practicality allows, but 1 meter is allowable where 2 meters is impossible or unreasonably difficult (for example in the hospitality industry). TK Max had a 2 meter distancing rule, which customers all seemed to be respecting.

Following our visit to TK Max, we went into a nearby Sainsburys. This was much busier than TK Maxx and I was glad to have my mask on (although just how effective face coverings are is still a matter of debate). Unlike TK Maxx, Sainsburys did not appear to have free hand sanatiser available for their customers use, although its possible that we failed to spot its presence.


Pre COVID-19, I would, as a blind person enter a shop and take the arm of a member of staff who would conduct me round the store, help in the choosing of items ETC. Whilst under the Equalities Act stores (and other businesses and service providers) have to offer assistance to people who are disabled, just how this will happen during the pandemic is a cause for concern. For example would a member of staff be happy for a visually impaired person such as myself to take their arm? My own view is that with the wearing of a mask and the cleaning of the arm once the assistance has been provided, should greatly reduce the risk of transmission of any infection.

I have no idea what the policy of TK Maxx is as regards guiding, as I was guided by my friend. The store staff where pleasant and helpful and I’ve no negative comments. However I can’t help wondering what my experience would have been like had I gone in alone, with my guide dog or white cane.

The apparent absence of a quarantine pile for unwanted items did not entirely surprise me, as I’m not sure how practical such a policy is. Even where such a policy exists it is, of course dependent on customers remembering to place unwanted items on the quarantine pile.

As for masks, I am not sure how effective they are. I don’t wear them on the street, in parks ETC. However I will wear them in crowded shops. Although they are impractical in settings such as pubs and restaurants.