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My Friend, Whose Name Is Miss Hiller

My friend, whose name is Miss Hiller
Has recently published her brand new thriller.
My pleasure is always great,
And I also can’t wait,
To enjoy Miss Hiller’s brand new thriller

There Once was A Poet Named Heart

There once was a poet named Heart
Whose verse was so bleak and dark,
That a demon called Lee
Said, “I weep for thee”,
But his tears they just wouldn’t start!

There Was A Young Lady Named Beth

There was a young lady named Beth
Who said, “I don’t believe in death”.
But, as she grew older
The world became ever colder,
And she started to believe in death.

When A Young Lady Named Leigh

When a young lady named Leigh
Said, “don’t you mess with me!”,
I said “its not my intention
To do the thing you mention,
Now shall we descend this tree?”.

When A Religious Young Lady Named White

When a religious young lady named White
Entered my bedchamber at midnight,
And I said, “please stay,
She said, “we should pray”,
And then she turned out the light.

There Was A Young Lady Named Dora

There was a young lady named Dora
And many holy men did adore her.
By her winking red light
I watched good bishop White,
Trying to save that young lady Dora.