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When A Rather Elderly Gentleman Named Lord

When a rather elderly gentleman named Lord,
Who, feeling extremely bored,
Called on miss Sue,
And my girlfriend Lou,
I went in search of my sword!

When A Young Man Named Binder

When a young man named Binder
Said, “I want the organ grinder!”,
A young lady named Lou
Said, “will my monkey do?
He’s trained as a clock winder!”.

Whilst Drinking In My Local Wetherspoon

Whilst drinking in my local Wetherspoon
I met the Man in the Moon.
When he said, “you are drunk!”,
I called him a no-good punk,
And chased him back to the moon!

An Earnest Young Man In A Cape

An earnest young man in a cape
Said, “I shall contribute to the cultural landscape”.
He wrote a great tome
About a girl called Joan,
But he just couldn’t carry the weight!

When A Barmaid Who Is More Than Divine

When a barmaid who is more than divine
Said, “sir, you have had to much wine!”,
And I said, “only a fool
Could possibly fall off this stool!”,
She said, “you are lying in the wine!”.

When A Young Lady Named Leigh

When a young lady named Leigh
Said, “I really like your poetry!”,
And I said, “thank you very much!
Would it be okay to go Dutch?”,
She said, “no, pay for me!”.

(to “go Dutch”, is to share the cost of something, for example a meal in a restaurant).

When A Young Lady Named Leigh

When a young lady named Leigh
Said, “you have had too much tea!”,
And I said, “are you judging?”,
She said, “no, I am begrudging,
The fact you left none for me!”.