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Rose’s Nose

When a young lady named Miss Rose
Said, “do you like my little nose?”.
I said, “it’s a strange thing
How the birds sing in spring.
And Rose, you are wearing no clothes!”.

Moral Miss Coral

A young lady named Miss Coral
Is so extremely stern and moral.
A girl called Ria
Swings from my chandelier.
But I can’t afford Miss Coral.


My friend whose name is Flair
Has enjoyed many a sordid affair.
The great philosophy professor
Owns a welsh dresser.
And I’ve seen Flair dancing there.

A young lady whose name is Flair
Has indulged in many a sordid affair.
The daughter of archbishop Kipper
Is employed as a stripper.
And her stage name, it is Flair!

When A Young Lady Eating Bananas

When a young lady eating bananas
Said, “do you sell see-through pyjamas?”.
A shop assistant named Paul
Pointed to the opposite wall.
But she couldn’t see any pyjamas!

A Young Lady Wearing Just Pink Socks

A young lady wearing just pink socks
Said, “my behaviour it so frequently shocks.
I can hear the knocking
Of the Lord Bishop Hocking.
I wonder will he like my socks?”.

When A Young Lady Waving A Rifle

When a young lady waving a rifle
Said, “I hope you like my trifle”.
I said, “it’s very good,
But, I was wondering could,
You please stop waving around that rifle!”.

There Once Was A Poet Named Lyme

There once was a poet named Lyme
Who composed poems about nothing but time.
Whilst drinking one day,
The sky turned grey.
And the great publican, he called time.

A Young Lady Whose Name Is Alice

A young lady whose name is Alice
Lives in a place called Crystal Palace,
Where she works in a sauna
With my good friend Miss Warner.
But I’ve not yet met Miss Alice.

Leigh’s Kiss

When a young lady named Leigh
Bestowed a soft kiss on me.
And her big boyfriend called Jack
Gave me a look most black,
I ran and climbed a tree!

When I Said To My Dear Friend Pearl

When I said to my dear friend Pearl
“Do show me, does your hair naturally curl?”.
She turned bright red and said,
“Not on this sweet little head.
And Kevin, I’m not that kind of girl!”.