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Vampiress (Inspired By Reading Stoker’s Dracula)


I have known the darkest of nights,

Lost myself in sensuous delights.

I have felt the vampire’s fear,

Held her close and thought her dear.

I have seen her blood red lips,

Fought against her fatal kiss.

I have endured her fangs sharp,

as shards of glass within my heart.

I have watched the dawn come,

Perceived the vampiress turn and run.


The owl’s mournful cry caused the young woman to gaze up into the night sky. Death glided gracefully overhead in search of his prey.

“I salute you my friend” the woman said raising her hand to signify her respect.

Her coal black hair blue in the rising wind. She licked her full red lips and smiled. Briliant white teeth reflected back the light of the moon. She, to was in search of her prey.