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There Was a Young Lady of Dundee

There was a young lady of Dundee
Who decided to climb a tall tree.
When they said, “are you high?”
She said, “that I emphatically deny!
There is no pot in this tree!”

A Talented Young Lady of Good Hope

A talented young lady of Good Hope
Is an expert in tying a rope.
Some men spend time blogging
About the pleasures of flogging.
As for me, I visit Good Hope …

Literary Miss Lou

A literary young lady named Miss Lou
Being determined that her book break through
Lobbed it at the window
Of a publisher I know,
And that book it did break through!

Miss Kip’s Whip

A young lady known as dom Kip
Is famous for her fearsome old whip.
Pretty Miss Heather
Likes tight leather.
And the judge he prefers Kip’s whip …!

January Author Newsletter

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Internet Dating

I know a young lady named Yvette.
We met as I browsed the internet.
On a certain website
You may find delight.
And you will also find Miss Yvette …

Lou and Gale

When a young lady whose name is Lou
Said, “you will get what’s coming to you!”
I turned deathly pale
And said, “not Gale!”
Lou said, “yes, and you’ll get me too!”

Today I Turned 53

Today I turned 53.
Shall I make free
With women and wine?
Or stick to rhyme?

Old Father Time
Stands behind me.
The feminine and wine
Can not conquer time.

In Summertime Hyacinths Bloomed

In summertime
Hyacinths bloomed.
Now, in wintertime
The dead surprise
And rise.
Their bloom
May come soon
To brighten a
January day
‘Ere they
Fade away.

My Fine Wine

When a young man drinking my wine
Said, “this vintage it is truly divine!”
I said to him, “Keith!
You are a terrible thief!
You must pay for that vintage divine!”