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My Dirty Weekend

When a close friend of my girlfriend

Invited us to spend a dirty weekend,

We entered the deep wood

And fell in the mud!

But lets return to our dirty weekend …!



They couldn’t stay long.

A remembrance of hands

And an  abandoned hairband,

Kept for a while,

Brings a sad smile

To a man’s ageing face

At a girl’s lost grace.

Work Meeting

As the meeting neared it’s end

My old friend

Who had not

Yet said a word,

(Leastways,  I heard

him not),

Interrupted, and did say,

“Tick tock”.

Yet the clock

Is forever ticking away

our day,

Though oft we heed him not.

My Friend Miss Khan

I know a young lady named Khan

Who invites me into her old barn.

In the new stable

Miss Mabel is able,

While Khan works hard in that barn.

A Clown’s Sad Demise

When a clown whose name was Moat

Sang as he sank in a boat,

His friend Guy

Began to cry,

At the loss of his new boat …

The Dissolute Young Man and His Lute

There once was a man most dissolute

Who liked to play on his lute.

When the young women came round

You would hear a sweet sound

As he skillfully played on his lute!

Leigh Who Has Composed a Poem All About Me

A young lady whose name is Leigh

Has composed a poem all about me.

Her verse is so bad

That its driven critics mad,

And now they are all blaming me …!

Lou Who Wore 1 Sock and 1 Shoe

There was a young lady named Lou

Who wore 1 sock and one shoe.

On the other foot

She carefully put

A clock which matched with Lou’s shoe!

Swallowed by Dark

I am swallowed by dark

In the churchyard at night.

Then a brief beam of the floodlight

Shows the graves all stark and white.


My feet return to peopled street

And I drink of life’s wine

For I must smile

While I have time.

There Once Was a Police Constable Named Rose

There once was a police constable named Rose

Who was well known for wearing plain clothes.

A man called Matt

Wore only his hat,

And got arrested by Rose in plain clothes …!