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Revising my Selected Poems

In 2019 I published my Selected Poems, https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07WW8WXPP/. Since 2019 I have composed many other poems, some of which are included in book form, whilst others exist solely on this blog.

I have been thinking for some time about producing a revised and expanded second edition of my Selected Poems. I intend to begin work on this project in the near future.

As part of producing a second edition of my Selected Poems, I would be interested to hear from any of my readers. If you have a poem of mine that you believe should be included do please get in touch either by commenting below, or via email to kmorrispoet@gmail.com.

I can not guarantee to take on board all suggestions, but all comments received will be read, acknowledged and considered.

When a Young Lady Who Comes from Dover

When a young lady who comes from Dover
Said, “I want you to bend right over”,
A man named Frank
Said, “do you spank?”,
She said, “just pick up my dropped pullover!”.

When a Young Lady Playing at Dice

When a young lady playing at dice
Said, “do join me in my vice!”,
I said, “my dear Rose,
You are wearing no clothes!
Which is distracting me from my dice!”.

The Windblown Tree

I find
This wind
Does bring
To mind
The passing of everything.

The tide
Of lust
Does rise
Then go.
I know
That I am dust.

The windblown trees
Accept the breeze
And entrance
In dance
Of pleasure
In summer weather.
As do we.

Gwen’s Clever Old Hen

There was a young lady named Gwen
Who owned a most clever old hen.
It’s name was White,
And it could write,
As it had swallowed Gwen’s fountain pen!

Dawn Who Likes to Dance on My Lawn

I know a young lady named Dawn
Who likes to dance on my lawn.
When I say, “heels ruin my grass!”,
She says, “all things must surely pass!”.
That naughty and philosophical young lady Dawn!

Miss Heart’s Art

I know a young lady named Heart
Who is famous for showing her art.
Some call her rude,
When she models nude.
But I say Heart shows her art …!

Miss Vickers Knickers

A young lady whose name is Vickers
Is well known for losing her knickers.
A bishop called Paul
Says, “we all fall”,
As he admires those knickers of Vickers …!