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A Gorgeous Young Lady Named Honey

A gorgeous young lady named Honey
Is dating me for my money.
I’m having so much hot fun,
And I’m learning how to professionally run,
For when she finds I’ve no money!

Beginnings and Leaving

On an early winter evening,
In the darkening park,
I thought on beginnings,
And leaving.
Then, on my way home,
I heard a couple behind.
They passed, out of sight,
Into a cold, December night,
Leaving me behind.

General Election Day

Today is general election day.
The sun must
Rise on Johnson or Corbyn.
Soon, manifestos will gather dust,
Or be re-read with a cynical grin
By people who will say,
“You promised such and such
On election day”.
Then, in disgust
They will throw the thing away.
Oh the joy
For girl and boy
Of yet, another, election day!

An Elderly Gentleman Named Frank

An elderly gentleman named Frank
Being fond of a spank,
Visits a young lady called Jane,
Who wields a mean old cane,
But that’s between Jane and Frank!

Dust Commingles With Dust

Did she choose
To wear
Those shoes,
With her legs bare
To the evening air?

Look and you will find
That her name
Is as old
As mankind.

‘Tis an ancient game
Played by the bold,
The strapped-for-cash,
The rash
And those who, perhaps just
Enjoy the game
Of lust.

Perchance it is the knowledge of his own dust
Which causes man to thrust
Into an empty vessel, where his tingles
Of lust
With dust.