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When An Elderly Gentleman Named Pat

When an elderly gentleman named Pat
Said, “would you like to play snap?”,
I jumped on his fine old table,
With a young lady called Mable.
And the table leg went snap!

There Once Was A God Named Zeus

There once was a god named Zeus
Who decided a nymph to seduce.
He plied her with fine wine
And on spaghetti rings they did dine.
And he bought her a chocolate mousse!

An Elderly Poet Named Coker

An elderly poet named Coker
Wields a mean old poker.
When I said, “your verse is bad!”,
He called me a “rude young lad!”.
It’s painful being chastised with a poker!

A Young Lady Who Worked in a Bar

A young lady who worked in a bar
Would, for the customers, take off her bra.
But, now the pubs are all closed
She keeps on all of her clothes.
Well, at least she keeps on her bra!

Oh Creature of Night

Oh creature of night,
Who flits, in dark
And by moonlight,
Why did you cry,
In the park
On a sunlit afternoon in Spring?

‘Twas a strange thing
To hear.
Yet I
felt no fear,
But pondered on your incongruous cry,
And a virus, invisible to the eye.