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A schoolboy
Crush on a girl of similar age.
Imagine his great joy
When she accepted his lemonade.
But he did regret
For her skirt
Got wet
And the game
Of flirt
He played
Ended in shame
And the loss of his lemonade!

Saturday Morning Humour

A young man named Hogg
Owns a very bad dog.
It stole the stocking
Of poor miss Hocking,
And Hogg he stole her clog!

A young lady dressed in pink
Gave me a knowing wink
And said to me, “come and see
What lies behind that fine old oaktree”,
And her hair it had a kink.
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An Attractive Young Lady Named Claire

An attractive young lady named Claire
Is forever washing her hair.
I’ve had a hot date
With her best mate Kate,
But today Kate’s washing her hair!

A Beautiful Young Critic Named Nell

A beautiful young critic named Nell
Said, “in poetry you must show not tell”.
But, when I showed her mine
Over dinner and the finest of French wine,
My poetry was lauded by Nell!

When An Extremely Rude Young Lad

When an extremely rude young lad
Said, “your poetry ’tis very bad!”,
I said, “I once new a boy
By the name of Roy or Troy,
His demise was so very sad!

When A Young Man Whose Name is Keith

When a young man whose name is Keith
Said, “this life is full of such grief”,
I said, “I have a shoe
Belonging to your new wife Lou,
Our passion was sweet but brief!”.

When A Man Whose Name is Ted

When a man whose name is Ted
Found a young lady in his bed,
She said, “I’m your new neighbour,
And I’ve always voted for Labour,
Which is why my nightdress is red!”.