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When My Dear Friend the Beautiful Miss Hocking

When my dear friend, the beautiful Miss Hocking
Came round to mine wearing fine silk stockings,
The old vicar looked aghast
And said, “in the past,
Young ladies would wear more than just stockings!”.

Rose and Kate

A naughty young lady named Miss Rose
Jumps up and down on my Toes.
Whilst pretty Miss Kate
Comes round at 8.
And joins in with naughty Miss Rose!

Pete and Claire

Whilst walking along a famous old Street
I met with my old friend Pete.
When he said, “today I’m Claire”.
I said, “rhyming poets should beware!
As Claire does not rhyme with Pete!”.

Nell and the Old Church Bell

There once was a girl named Nell
Who swung from an old church bell.
The bell sounded loud,
Which wowed the crowd.
And the bishop he fell for Nell.

Miss Ann

When a young lady named Miss Ann
Said, “you are a very wicked man!”.
And I said, “should I desist?”.
She said, “no, please do persist!”.
She’s a naughty young lady is Ann!

Mandy and Her Brandy

I met a young lady named Mandy
Who was drunk on fine old brandy.
When she said, “I like Ealing,
And this evening I am feeling …”.
I said, Mandy! Stop drinking that brandy!

I Know A Girl Called Miss Shakespeare

I know a girl called Miss Shakespeare
Who has pulled me many a beer.
The old barman, named Macbeth,
Bores us all to death.
And King Duncan is off his beer.

Whilst Visiting the Great Count Dracula

Whilst visiting the great Count Dracula
I said, “your view is truly spectacular.
But your breath is quite foul,
And those wolves they do howl!
I regret I must leave Castle Dracula!”.

When My Friend Whose Name is Katie

When my friend whose name is Katie
Said, “I want to discuss something weighty”.
I said, “you’re not fat”,
And she really liked that.
But I felt bad lying to Katie!