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There Once Was a Poet Named Moat

There once was a poet named Moat
Who died riding a large vicious goat.
His verse was so bad
It drove us all mad,
So we tied Moat to that goat!

There Was a Young Lady Named Alexa

There was a young lady named Alexa
Who, finding all men did vex her
Went out on the town
In her new see-through nightgown,
Where she found all men vexed her!

The Joys of Sinning

There once was a man named Winning
Who spoke of the joys of sinning.
A young lady called Hocking
Found his words truly shocking!
But his smile was so very winning …

Keith the Libertine

There once was a libertine named Keith
Who, knowing that life is very brief
Engaged in great sin
With Miss Kate and Lin,
And Miss Nash who had no teeth!

Sinful Rose

There was a young lady named Rose
Who was fond of wearing no clothes.
The vicar took her in
And lectured her on sin,
As his wife berated him and Rose …

I Met a Young Lady of Nepal

I met a young lady of Nepal
Who said, “I’ve seen many men fall.
Its easy to do
In this beautiful Kathmandu.
Sir, are you enjoying my country Nepal …!”

There Once Was a Dog Named Apollo

There once was a dog named Apollo
Who said, “my stomach is very hollow!”
So he ate a goat
And my old great coat.
But his stomach it still felt hollow!

There Once Was a Poor Rhymer Named Guy

There once was a poor rhymer named Guy
Who said, “I fear that I shall die.
They will bury me
Under yonder old tree,
With my poor poetry, and this poisoned pie!”

A Most Forgetful Young Lady Named Hocking

A most forgetful young lady named Hocking
Is well known for losing her stockings.
My good friend Miss Lou
Has lost many a shoe,
Which I’ve found with Miss Hocking’s stockings …!

Miss Lucy

When a young lady whose name is Lucy
Said, “do you think my fruit is juicy?”
I said, “I swear
That’s a huge pear!
And that peach is so big and juicy!”