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When A Young Lady Named Alice

When a young lady named Alice
Said, “you are so very callous!”.
I replied with great disdain,
“You never cease to complain.
Its nice sleeping outside, young Alice!”.

When A Young Man Who Liked Nostalgia

When a young man who liked nostalgia
Developed a very bad case of neuralgia,
He consulted a sage
From a previous age,
Who cured him of all his nostalgia!

When A Young Lady Named Kristy

When a young lady named Kristy
Said, “today it is very misty.
Its very difficult to see
Anything in front of me”.
I said, “you’re in the shower, Kristy!”.

When the Elderly Wife of Mr Ted

When the elderly wife of Mr Ted
Found a girl’s shoes under their bed
She said, with a sigh,
“I really don’t know why,
You must insist on wearing those, Ted!”.

When A Wealthy Elderly Lady Named Leigh

When a wealthy elderly lady named Leigh
Said, “I shall patronise your poetry”.
And I said, “oh, that means money!”,
She said, “no, my sweet honey!
But I shall patronise your poetry!”.

Whilst Climbing Up An Extremely Tall Tower

Whilst climbing up an extremely tall tower
I saw a lady in a shower.
I said to her,
“Is your name Claire?”.
She said, “no! and vacate this shower!”.