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There Was A Young Lady Named Lizzie

There was a young lady named Lizzie
Who was always so terribly busy.
Well that’s what she said,
But she was often in bed,
That mendacious young lady named Lizzie!


My Shadow Falls

My shadow falls,
On the pavement,
In the sun,
And when the sun goes down
And the world in darkness does drown,
I and my shadow
Will be done.

Music for a Dying Civilisation

Music for a dying
Civilisation, followed me along London’s Victoria Street.
Then, lost amidst a myriad hurrying feet,
It’s sighing,
Gradually died away.

A Young Lady Who Is Extremely Sinful

A young lady who is extremely sinful,
Having imbibed more than a skinfull,
Invited me back to her pad
But, being a very good lad
I declined that young lady most sinfull!

A Man of the World Looks Back

I remember the first time.
Not quite a one night stand
For I saw
Her at least once more
And write this rhyme
To set down what was not
Quite the first time,
But, for better (or worse)
She was the first
Of her kind.

I shall say no more
For to bore
Is rude
And this rhyme
About another kind
Of first time
May be viewed
As boring and crude
By those who
Through their Pangloss glasses
See only pure
Unboring lasses

Sea, Sand and . . .

Sea, sand and . . .
Sun kissed skin
Does not
Lead to sin
For the weather is too hot
For that,
And I quite forgot
My shoe
In the flat
Of a girl named Lou.
But enough of that
For there is sea and
Sand and …