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On My Way To The Pub

On my way to the pub,
I look at the empty sky
And think
On drink,
And love

But there is only this winter sky
And the awaiting fire
So desire,
In the pub

An Extremely Talented Young Lady Named Joan

an extremely talented young lady named Joan
Composed a poem about the men she’s known.
Its well over 100 verses in length,
So one can not but admire the strength,
Of that active young lady named Joan.

The British Library and Legal Deposit

A few days ago, I received a receipt from the British Library, confirming that my “Selected Poems” has been added to their shelves/catalogue.

Under UK law a copy of every publication, published in the United Kingdom, (print and electronic), must be provided to the British Library, and to 5 other UK libraries on request.

The responsibility for furnishing copies rests with publishers which, (in the case of self-published authors) in effect means that they must provide their published works to the British Library and (if requested to do so) to the 5 other UK libraries.

The above system (which is known as Legal Deposit) helps to preserve the nation’s cultural heritage for the benefit of authors and readers alike.

You can read more about Legal Deposit here,

The paperback edition of my “Selected Poems“, (which is held by the British Library) is available from Amazon and can be found here,


At a little after 5 am
I awake.
I think it late.

“Can you hear the birds?”,
You said.
Alone, in my bed,
I remember your words,
So much unsaid
By a girl who
I scarcely knew,
For a night is not long.
Yet, you took me far beyond
Sin, with the beauty of birdsong.