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A Cold, Sharp Bark

A cold, sharp bark
Pearces the dark,
Interrupting a thought
I really ought
Not to indulge in,
Of women
And sin.

In the city
Those who are witty
Say, in fun,
“Civilisation is done”.
Whilst, in the dark
A fox’s bark
Sounds near, and clear.

The Bells of All Saints

What do the bells of All Saints say
On this cold spring day?
Is it “repent?”
Or a lament,
A sighing
For a civilisation that is dying?
I can not say.

The above poem was inspired by me hearing the bells of All Saints Church, as I passed through the churchyard on the morning of Sunday 5th May 2019). You can find All Saints Upper Norwood here, http://www.allsaintsuppernorwood.co.uk/).

The White Cliffs of Dover May Remain

The white cliffs of Dover may remain
Though the express train
Negotiates a perilous ledge.

Or over the edge
We may go
Though ignorant armies say, “below
Lies salvation
For the nation”.

I shall read Arnold’s “Dover Beach”
And think on bad
And mad


Had I the money, I would withdraw
From the world’s incessant roar
And wait in my gated home
For civilisation to be as Rome.

But no,
Perhaps we can avoid a collapse
And the roar
Will go
On as before.

I can not capture this sense of dissociation

I can not capture this sense of dissociation
Reflected in campfires
Of shop windows that blaze.

Walking home
I remember Rome
And see wolves waiting
For the camp’s lights to go out


All pop songs sound the same.
Different voices
Singing of supermarket choices
Made by airheads who cavort
To music bought
By those who find a temporary bliss,
In a kiss,
Then move on to the next passing fad.

I am glad
For the snow came today.
It will not stay
But this cold I feel
Reminds me what is real.
I shall pray for rain
For it cleanses this inane
Civilisation of ours
And causes the flowers to bloom.