From My Archives – The Delight of Snow

The churchyard is shrouded in snow.
Trees stand stark against the white.
I know
The delight
Of snow

4 thoughts on “From My Archives – The Delight of Snow

  1. Veronica

    Beautiful words, Kevin! The omnipresent heat makes me miss snow, as well! Nevertheless, for someone who lives in Siberia, the memories of cold winter months are only enjoyable in the summertime! All the best, Veronica

    1. K Morris Poet Post author

      Thank you for your comment, Veronica. I’m pleased you enjoyed “The Delight of Snow”. Being born on 6 January, I am a winter baby and have never been fond of excessive heat. However, I, like you don’t relish being frozen to the bone in winter. I have a little vision and particularly enjoy crunching through the newly fallen snow (before the feet of others have spoiled it’s perfection of whiteness). I’ve always thought of Siberia as being extremely cold, so swas interested to read your comments about how hot it becomes in Summer. All the best, Kevin


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