December Snow

A typical, December day.
The sun has stopped
And the temperature has dropped.

The forecasters say
There may
Be snow.

I well remember the December
And playing on frozen pond.
But oh, so long Ago!

And I shall grow
Old. and remember December

We count the cost
Once things are lost.
And the foolish, wishing to sunbathe,
Pray for the coming heatwave.

21 thoughts on “December Snow

    1. K Morris Poet Post author

      I am well, thank you, Gabriela. And I hope all is good with you?

      Very sadly, Trigger died in September. He had developed cancer which was, unfortunately only diagnosed at a very late stage, and to avoid unnecessary suffering I took the very difficult decision to have my friend put to sleep.

      I composed the below poem in honour of Trigger:

      The mark
      Of your teeth is still there,
      On your old dog bed.
      I walk in the park,
      The dead
      Leaves lie.
      Shadows on the grass
      Mistook for an old friend.
      All things pass,
      However much we pretend
      Otherwise. You closed your eyes,
      And left your mark
      Upon my heart.


      1. short-prose-fiction

        Oh, Kevin, I am so sorry to hear about. May he rest in piece. Please receive my deepest sympathy. I hope you are ok. And what a poem. I don’t know if I have tears in my eyes because of his death or because your poem is so beautiful. Probably both.
        Thanks care Kevin 🌸

      1. Jeanne

        True. But when we foolishly focus on one agenda, another agenda gets over looked. True wisdom is not found in fighting one war. Its battling all the lines in the sand at once. And np. I usually scroll past things I shriek at. Lately, too many things are falling through the cracks and should be addressed. Thankfully some people are still willing to consider ideas. Never good to be in an echo chamber. Take care too.

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