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A Girl in Heels and Scars

A girl in heels
And scars
Sees not the stars
Above, but feels
The rhythmic motion
Of a rising ocean
Coming to the boil.

Soon the bob, throb
Of the ship will cease.
Bringing peace
From her toil.

But there must be
Another captain of the sea
To receive the charms
Of heels and scars
Until his ship lies becalmed
In arms
Struggling to see
The stars


The Ring of Lustre Pure

The ring
Of lustre pure
Is a thing
Of desire
To many men
But, when
Man does explore
The prize
As yet Untried,
To the very core
Oh how soon the fire
Does Expire
For that particular thing.

An Interview With A Difference

I was intrigued and delighted when author and poet Victoria (Tori) Zigler invited my guide dog Trigger, to be interviewed by her own four-legged canine friend.

You can find Trigger’s interview HERE

During the course of his interview, Trigger was kind enough to talk about my poetry (amongst many other things)!


Friday Humour

I know a young lady named Spink
Who has a very unusual kink.
When we passed on the stair
I most solemly swear
That she gave me a significant wink!

There was a young man of Liverpool
Who, being a bit of a fool.
jumped into the Mersey river
And started to quiver
As he mistook it for a pool!