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Finally beginning work on a selected poems

After lots of excuses to myself, I have determined to finally sit down and draw together a Selected Poems. Those of you who follow this blog, will know that I have previously mentioned my intention to do this, however, excuses are now at an end and I shall be noticeable by my absence as I work on this project.

To be frank, I enjoy writing which does, on the whole come easily to me. In contrast pulling together a poetry collection and/or selection is a chore, (albeit a pleasant one), hence me not having begun work on it as yet.

Incidentally, if anyone has experience of producing a Selected Poems, I would be interested in hearing from them. My understanding from Amazon is that a poet may produce a Selected Poems and that will not be construed as a duplication of their existing work. Again, if any of my reader’s understanding differs from that outlined above, do, please let me know either by commenting on this post or, alternatively via email to kmorris poet (at) gmail dot com). Please note, the address is rendered thus in an attempt to defeat spammers!



Mermaids on the beach
Out of reach
Save in dreams
Where all seems
Fair In love and war
Withdraw, as the tide
Inside is let go
In a flow
Of Oh!

He awakes
And takes
Stock of a human day
Where no mermaids stay
For him. So, at night,
He retreats to the delight
Of the seashore
For all seems
Possible in dreams.

Abandoned Stilletos

I remember abandoned stilettos,
Left, bereft under my bed.
The ghettos
Are cruel it is said,
But you
Knew nothing of them,
(Though much of men
And their desire
To play with fire).

What drew
We 2
Diverse birds of a feather
Dare I say
That you where
A professional and I an amateur,
Or was it the other way?
I can not say.

The Sun Sets

Friends discuss politics in a pub garden.
Opinions harden.
The sun sets
Over the UK
As the day
Ends, and friends
Depart, Some with regrets
In their heart,
For a day
That may
Soon be done.