September Author Newsletter

My September Author Newsletter is now available and can be found here. In this issue you will find my poem ‘Squire and Peasant’, an article on the use of Microsoft Teams for poetry readings, together with other content.

Please click here to visit the newsletter.

10 thoughts on “September Author Newsletter

  1. Patty L. Fletcher

    Good morning Kevin.
    A nice newsletter. It would be better if each line didn’t have a heading. It made it hard to read otherwise, I loved the poetry.
    Please feel free to share your newsletter information into the Writer’s Grapevine Group.
    Just use the Hashtags #Author’sCorner and PoetryPlace in your subject along with the title.
    If you like, I can do this for you. I’d so llike to bring you more into the group. You’ve so much great stuff to offer.

    1. K Morris Poet Post author

      Many thanks for your comments, Patty. I’m pleased you enjoyed my newsletter, but sorry that the layout made it difficult for you to read. I shall look into rectifying this when I publish my next newsletter. Thank you for offering to share on Writer’s Grapevine. That would be much appreciated. Kind regards. Kevin

      1. Patty L. Fletcher

        Hi Kevin, I put out a magazine as you know, and it would be lovely to feature you there. Please do submit something to me soon.

        As for the heading, if you want headings for your topics, just do your topic title, have it a heading and then double line space between it and the start of the actual piece.

        As for my sharing in the group, I’m happy to do that provided you’ll come and reply to my message and interact a bit on the group.

        I’ve asked you to talk a bit about who you are and what all you do.

        I’d also love to see you start sharing your blog URLS in the group so people can follow and share you beautiful work.

        Take good and kind care.

    2. K Morris Poet Post author

      Thank you, Patty. If you send me the link I will, of course come across and reply to the post. Thank you for the information regarding formatting. I appreciate your kind offers of help. Kevin

      1. Patty L. Fletcher

        Kevin there is no link. You are a member of the Writer’s Grapevine email group and you should be receiving message in your email. I emailed the info for this newsletter and for your poetry reading on Youtube to the group earlier.

        I have checked the group website and you are listed as receiving messages via email.

        Check your email and your spam if you’re not getting those.

        I’ve emailed you several times and you never answer.

  2. OIKOS™- Art, Books & more

    Congratulations for becoming part of the anthology, Kevin! The experience with the Poetry radio was wonderful. Thank you for this! I am pleased that Microsoft Teams can not only be used for conferences. The parallel chat is annoying. Perhaps you can say at the beginning of the reading that there is a possibility of a chat, afterwards. It would be better than to be disturbed during the reading. Best wishes, Michael

    1. K Morris Poet Post author

      Many thanks for your kind comments, Michael. I’m delighted you enjoyed the reading of my poems on the radio. Many thanks for your suggestion as regards Teams. That is a good idea. All the best. Kevin


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