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Mermaid and Merman

“Our love is deep as the sea,
And There is such depth to you and me.
We go so far down,
We will in passion drown”,
(the mermaid said,
As she wriggled her toes,
On the ocean’s bed).

“Poseidon knows,
How the tide comes and goes,
My pretty rose”,
(I said,
With a shake of my head,
As I departed our briny bed).

Book Review: “The Ocean’s Lullaby” By Victoria Zigler

This review is of “The Ocean’s Lullaby” by Victoria Zigler.
Disclaimer : I received a free copy of this book in return for an honest review.

The Ocean’s Lullaby does, as the title suggests have a strong ocean theme. The poems in this collection range from the humorous to verses which bring a tear to the eye. Many of the poems are suitable for children, while others will be more readily appreciated by an adult audience.
One of the poems which particularly charmed me is “If I was A Mermaid” which runs thus:
“If I was a mermaid,

I wouldn’t need to sail.

I’d swim through the world’s waters,

With a flick of my silvery tail.

If I was a mermaid,

Who lived beneath the sea,

I’d zoom through the water,

So fast you’d never catch me”.
While the above will, I think appeal in particular to a younger audience, the touching simplicity of the verse will, I think bring a smile to the face of many an older reader.

Victoria also tackles serious issues, for example in her short poem entitled “Wounding Words”:
“Wounding words, like vicious knives,

Rip to shreds our pleasant lives,

Until no joy or hope survives,

And only pain and sorrow thrives”.
We have, I am sure all experienced what is so pithily expressed in the above piece.

Among my favourite poems in the humorous category are “When Words Don’t Mean The Same” and “When North Wind Does Blow”.
I have read “The Ocean’s Lullaby” several times and recommend it as a pleasant and sometimes thought provoking read.

“The Ocean’s Lullaby” can be found here, https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/641375

The Daydreamer Challenge – Day 1

I am participating in the Daydreamer Challenge which is being run by Caitlin the Tean Daydreamer, (https://theteendaydreamer.wordpress.com/). For day 1 Caitlain asks that participants choose 1 of 3 topics. My choice is the beach. However, being tired I have cheated and reproduced below a post which first appeared on my blog in 2014, (apologies Caitlin, at this time of night my brain seeks the land of nod, hence my reposting of an earlier article rather than something new).



“I see you, bare feet leaving traces in the damp sand.


Lost in beauty, you watch the gulls as they wheel and cry.


The salt sea caresses your sun kissed skin.


The birds continue to scream overhead.


The sceen overpowers, your tears mingle and are lost in the great atlantic.


In my dreams I glimpse you, a girl walking along the beach”.

(for the original post please visit, http://newauthoronline.com/2014/10/24/beach/).




I see you, bare feet leaving traces in the damp sand.

Lost in beauty, you watch the gulls as they wheel and cry.

The salt sea caresses your sun kissed skin.

The birds continue to scream overhead.

The sceen overpowers, your tears mingle and are lost in the great atlantic.

In my dreams I glimpse you, a girl walking along the beach.

The Letter

Susie gazed out at the atlantic. Great waves crashed against the cliffs . A gust of wind caught the girl almost knocking her off her feet. She seemed not to notice, her eyes remained fixed on the wild sea. Unbidden the words came to her

“Till the slow sea rise and the sheer cliff crumble,

Till terrace and meadow the deep gulfs drink,

Till the strength of the waves of the high tides humble

The fields that lessen, the rocks that shrink,

Here now in his triumph where all things falter,

Stretched out on the spoils that his own hand spread,

As a god self-slain on his own strange altar,

Death lies dead.”

Susie’s salty tears mingled with the sea water which the ever increasing wind blew into her eyes.

“I’m not crying, it’s the sea water making my eyes sting” So what if I am crying? All this will pass and go. Long after I am dead this will remain, the uncaring ocean buffeting the cliffs as it has for millennia. Eventually the cliffs and the surrounding habitations will be claimed by the sea. Out of the sea life came and to the ocean humanity will return.

But I’m 20, I don’t want to die”.

All flesh is dust a mocking voice intoned. Susie whirled around. There was no one save for the gulls which wheeled and screeched overhead.

“Yes I will die but please god not yet. I have my whole life to look forward to” Susie said burying her face in her hands.

“Stupid girl” the voice, like some  insidious demon crept into her brain.

“Shut up, shut up” the girl wept sticking her fingers into her ears attempting to silence the tormentor.

“Stupid slapper. Silly whore” the voice said undaunted by Susie’s attempts to silence it.

Doing her best to ignore whatever devil was taunting her Susie reached into her coat pocket. She felt the plain brown official envelope.

“I can’t, I won’t open it. I’ll throw it away. Better not to know”.

“Ignorance is bliss, little miss a coward is” the voice sneered.

“Fuck off, fuck off” Susie screamed. Her words where lost in the howling of the wind and the crashing of the waves. Susie became aware of the crumpled envelope in her hands. In her agitation she had screwed it into a ball. How easy it would be to rid herself of the thing. One flick of her wrist and the letter would be lost forever in the depths of the Atlantic.

“Coward, coward” the voice taunted.

With a supreme effort Susie unscrewed the envelope and with trembling hands opened it. Reluctantly the girl extracted a crumpled letter.

“I can’t read it, I can’t” Susie wept. “Why did I do it? God let it be good news. Please, oh Christ I can’t bare it”.


Susie’s mind went back 4 months. She was drunk. She had never been so drunk in her entire life. The thump, thump of the music transported the girl into a world where only she and the beat, beat of the bass existed. She danced wildly letting herself be taken by the music to another realm.

Susie didn’t remember him arriving. One moment she was dancing alone, the next Susie was spinning around in the arms of a total stranger. Later that evening Susie recalled having sex in a cubicle in the gents toilets. Susie thought that she had consented but she had been so drunk she wasn’t sure.

“Christ, no condom. How could I have been so bloody stupid. I went to a good school, got all the right exams and I’m now at uni. I should have known better”.

Susie had gon to the hospital on the following day and had been tested for sexually transmitted diseases.

“You have herpes but that can easily be dealt with by antibiotics” the nurse had said.

Susie breathed a sigh of relief.

“You will, however need to come back in 3 months time for a HIV test”.

“Can’t I have that today?”

“The HIV virus can take upto 3 months to manifest itself so any test conducted today would be extremely unlikely to show whether you are, or are not carrying the virus”.

Susie had thrown herself into her studies for the next 3 months. When not studying she partied hard. Alcohol helped her to forget for some of the time but, in the early hours of the morning she would wake up sweating.

“What if I am infected? Christ only knows how many other girls that bloke slept with before we had sex”.

Eventually the 3 months passed and Susie returned to the hospital for her HIV test.

“You can call in for your results in a few days time or, if you prefer just telephone the number on your card quoting your clinic number” the nurse said handing Susie a small slip of paper.

Susie had meant to call. She really had. However there always seemed to be something preventing her from making that call. There had been her friend’s wedding, her mum’s birthday and so, so many other things.

“Don’t make excuses. Of course you could have found a few minutes to make such an important telephone call” the insidious voice whispered in her ear.

“Yes, OK, I could. now fuck off back to whatever rock you crawled out from under” Susie shouted.

Slowly Susie raised the paper to her face.

“Dear Miss Armstrong,

I refer to your visit of 4 July and the test conducted on that date. We have, unsuccessfully attempted to contact you on several occasions. Having been unable to do so I am writing to inform you of the result of your test for HIV. I am pleased to advise that the test is negative (I.E. you are not HIV positive).

Should you have any queries regarding this letter please call the number above and quote your clinic number to the health adviser.


Yours Sincerely “.

Susie wondered idly why doctors signatures almost always resembled squashed spiders. For the first time in many hours she smiled.

“Thank you god. Thank you”.

The gulls screeched overhead, the icey wind buffeted the girl and the great waves continued to crash against the crumbling cliffs. Susie no longer cared. She embraced the storm for it represented nature of which she was an integral part. It felt good to be alive. Susie took deep breaths.  The touch of the wind on her face  was wonderful. She smiled as her long black hair blew wildly in the sea breeze.

“If you exist god, thank you, thank you” Susie said.

A Trip To The Beach

I thought that I would try my hand at a short children’s story.



Johny was bored. In fact he couldn’t remember having ever felt so fed up in his entire life. Dad had fallen asleep reading the paper while his mum sat reading some silly book with long words he couldn’t understand.

“I’m bored”.

“Why don’t you go and find someone to play with? There are lots of children on the beach, so many I can’t count them” his mother said laughing.

“Don’t want to. I’m bored” Johny said kicking sand in his mum’s face.

“You naughty boy!” Mrs Thomas said desperately attempting to clear her eyes of sand with a tissue. “Just wait until I get my hands on you!”

Johny felt guilty but he wasn’t about to apologise. Saying sorry was for wimps and he was no wimp. Before his mum had chance to get the sand out of her eyes Johny ran into the sea.

The water was cool. Johny kicked his legs sending water splashing high into the air. This was fun! Johny paddled away from the beach. He was no longer bored, this was much more interesting than reading a boring old newspaper or a book with words he couldn’t understand.

Suddenly the ground began to slope downwards. Johny felt that he was going to be sucked to the very bottom of the ocean.

“Help!” he cried his hands grabbing at an enormous chain of sea weed. Gosh the chain was thick, bigger even than his dad’s huge arms. The chain didn’t move.

“That’s lucky I thought that sea weed floated but this is attached to something. Its stopped me from drowning. If it moved then I’d be sucked to the bottom of the ocean” Johny said with a shiver.

Johny followed the chain down. It was attached to a large rock.

“I wonder if I can lift this rock” Johny thought.

He tugged at the chain. Nothing happened.

“You will move you stupid rock” he said digging his toes into the soft sand and pulling back with all his strenghth. Suddenly there was a loud pop followed by a gurgling sound. Johny found himself lying flat on his back in a puddle of water. A puddle that couldn’t be right!

“Now look what you have done!”

Johny looked up to see a star fish desperately trying to find some water to swim in.

“You have let the plug out!”

“But I didn’t mean to!”

“That’s all very well but the fact is that you pulled the plug out and soon I and the other creatures who live in the sea will have no water to swim in. Without water we will die!”

Johny began to cry.

“I’m very sorry I didn’t know that the sea had a plug”.

“Your bath has a plug doesn’t it?”

“Yes of course”.

“Well then it should be obvious to an intelligent little boy like you that the ocean has a plug. How else do you think the sea god controls the tide? But the sea god only opens the plug hole a little bit so that I and the other creatures have time to swim far out into the ocean before the water disappears. There are lots of plugs all over the world and you have pulled one of them out completely!”

“What can I do? I’m very sorry Mr star fish, please just tell me what I can do”.

“See that cave over there?” the star fish asked pointing in the direction of a small cave in the cliff face.


“Run as quick as you can and turn the taps on”.

“The taps?”

“I thought that you where a clever little boy. Yes the taps. Your sink and bath at home have taps don’t they to fill them up? So how else do you think that the sea god fills up the ocean?”

“Wow I didn’t know that” Johny said. As quick as a flash Johny raced to the cave. Inside he found a huge tap built into the cliff face.

“I’ll never be able to move that” Johny thought looking sadly at the enormous tap, “but I must otherwise all those poor sea creatures will die and it will be all my fault”. Taking hold of the tap Johny turned with all his might. At first nothing happened but, gradually a stream of salt water began to flow from the secret pipes hidden far below the sea bed. The sea level began to rise. Johny could see small waves dancing in the sunshine.

“Thank you little boy” the star fish called as he headed out into the deep blue ocean.


The end