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One Day

“One Day” originally appeared here in 2015, https://kmorrispoet.com/2015/12/23/one-day/. A friend subsequently commented to me (in person, not on this blog), that the poem could equally apply to both readers and writers. He had a point. However I had writers/authors in mind when I penned the piece, hence my poem stands as originally written.


Seeking Guest Posters

I am always happy to accept guest posts. If you are interested in doing a guest post please contact me (putting “guest post” in the subject line of your email). Your post can be about any topic (within reason of course)! But subjects might include: a piece about your favourite book, why you write or anything of a literary nature. Please send emails to newauthoronline (at) gmail .com.



Would You Like To Do A Guest Post?

I am very happy to publish guest posts and have published several, on a variety of topics since the inception of newauthoronline.com. If you would like to submit a guest post please contact me at newauthoronline (at) gmail dot com, (the address is given in this way to defeat spammers).

Posts could include introducing yourself as an author, writing about one of your passions or a short story and/or poem. I am, of course interested in hearing from anyone with a love of books. What is your favourite genre? Or perhaps you would like to review a favourite book? I look forward to hearing from you.



Ian Mcewin: Very Few Novels Earn Their Length

In a recent interview the author, Ian Mcewin argued that very few novels earn their length. Mcewinn states that he likes to read novels in one sitting and many longer works would benefit from being considerably shorter. Personally I believe that both short and more lengthy works have their place. A good long novel which holds my attention is well worth the effort while a shorter work which fails to engross me receives the thumbs down.

Mcewin makes a number of other interesting observations including his statement that several Amazons competing against one another would be good for the book industry, (I am inclined to agree with him).

For the article please visit http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/books/11067429/Author-Ian-McEwan-Very-few-novels-earn-their-length.html

Review of my book Samantha (free in the Kindle store until 3 December)

My short story, Samantha is available free, in the Kindle store from 29 November until 3 December. On checking my author’s page earlier today I was extremely pleased to find that Samantha has received another 4 star review (http://www.amazon.co.uk/review/R1B1DN6K0ZS28K/ref=cm_cr_dp_title?ie=UTF8&ASIN=B00BL3CNHI&channel=detail-glance&nodeID=341677031&store=digital-text), making a total of 4, 4 star reviews.

Samantha tells the story of a young woman forced into prostitution in the city of my birth, Liverpool by her brutal pimp, Barry. Can Samantha survive her ordeal or will she end her existence in the murky waters of Liverpool’s Albert Docks? Samantha is available in the Amazon Kindle store on both amazon.co.uk and amazon.com

Must Be Funny In A Rich Man’s World

Sometimes I think that it would be far easier for me as an author where I to be fortunate enough to possess an independent income relieving me of the necessity to engage in paid employment. I leave my flat at around 7:30 am and usually get home between 6:30-7 pm by which time my brain wants to rest and, if I do write the tiredness sits on my shoulders like some giant succubus but without the delightful distractions offered by that mythical creature. On occasions I am able to shake off that guileful demon and write (much of my collection of short stories, The First Time was written in those long, dark winter evenings after work). While I felt a great sense of satisfaction after having spent several productive hours writing into the late evening, on the morrow my body and brain cried out in protest. Consequently most of my writing (other than blog posts) takes place during the weekend when I can sit undisturbed plugging away at my stories.

A good friend who is retired frequently spends the entire morning writing. I am envious of his ability to do this. Long gone is the necessity for him to spend a large portion of his day working for others. My friend is the master of his own time which he uses to good effect.

I would love to be able to write for 4-5 hours a day knowing that I had an independent income to sustain me. No concerns about the need to earn money to pay the bills, just the joy of writing filling my mornings. Having said that my participation in the world of work gives me a wider perspective on the world. There have been writers (some of them great) who have possessed independent means relieving them of the necessity to work. However participation in the hurly burly of society as opposed to being cloistered in the library of one’s house on a country estate furnishes the author with a broader understanding of the world with all it’s foibles, but if anyone wants to leave a landed estate to me in their will I will, reluctantly accept the bequest (it would be rude to do otherwise)!