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An Interview with Gabriela M on Spillwords

I was pleased to read this interview with Gabriela M, a writer whose work I greatly admire, https://spillwords.com/spotlight-on-writers-gabriela-m/.

Please do read Gabriela’s interview and visit her blog which can be found here, https://shortprose.blog/author/shortprose12/.


The British Library Explores The History Of Writing

From tomorrow (Friday 26 April), the British Library will be hosting an exhibition concerning the history of writing. The exhibits include an ancient egyptian tablet which demonstrates that concerns about the quality of homework are far from being new! It also shows that worries regarding the decline in hand-writing are not confined to the 21st century. For more information please visit, https://www.theguardian.com/books/2019/apr/24/living-by-the-pen-british-library-explores-history-of-writing.


One Day

“One Day” originally appeared here in 2015, https://kmorrispoet.com/2015/12/23/one-day/. A friend subsequently commented to me (in person, not on this blog), that the poem could equally apply to both readers and writers. He had a point. However I had writers/authors in mind when I penned the piece, hence my poem stands as originally written.


Of Poets And Legislators

“Poets are the unacknowledged legislators
Of the world” Shelley said.
But all praters
Must go to that night
Where none write,
For what use are words to the dead?

The creative writing debate continued

On 4 April, I published a post entitled “Is there any benefit in studying creative writing?”, (https://newauthoronline.com/2017/04/04/is-there-any-benefit-in-studying-creative-writing/).

In that article I expressed scepticism as to whether studying creative writing can produce people who can, actually write poetry and prose. In my view creative writing courses may help to develop talent. They can not, however turn those who possess no talent for writing into people who can produce meaningful poetry or prose.

My previous post on this subject generated a very interesting debate which, at times got somewhat heated. The comments received caused me to carry out further research on the subject of creative writing. In the course of this research I came across the following article, in “The Guardian”, in which (the newspaper reports), creative writing Professor Hanif Kureishi questions the validity of creative writing. Unsurprisingly the article created considerable debate, both for and against the perspective attributed to Kureishi. Both the article (and the comments following on from it) are well worth reading. For the article please visit: https://www.theguardian.com/books/2014/mar/04/creative-writing-courses-waste-of-time-hanif-kureishi.

My Blog’s Tagline Has Changed

I have changed my blog’s tagline from “this WordPress.com site is the bees and ees” to “newauthoronline | K Morris, Poet and Author”. The new tagline clarifies that I am both a poet and author, while the previous generic description conveyed little (if anything) about either the blog or myself. The change in tagline in no way impacts on how you access this site, which remains at the same location (newauthoronline.com).
As always, I am keen to know what you (as readers of newauthoronline.com) think. Please feel free to leave a comment below or, if you prefer contact me at (newauthoronline (at) gmail dot com).