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Why I Started Bibliomad By Olivia Emily

Many thanks to Olivia Emily of Bibliomad for the below guest post. Do please visit Olivia’s blog which can be found here (https://bibliomad.wordpress.com/).





Little, fair-haired Olivia flicked through the pages of Narnia, wishing ever-so deeply that she could escape through the back of her wardrobe, just like Lucy did.

But, she couldn’t do that.

Narnia is a fantasy novel, after all, and though it exists in a truthful era, the essence of fantastical concepts is entriely fictitious, much to little Olivia’s dismay. However, instead of climbing through a wardrobe, little Olivia immersed herself in books, wriggling through the flimsy pages, laying herself snuggly between the sentences, and winding the words around her adolescent bones.

This metaphor I use in the most truthful manner possible. Fiction isn’t in my blood, nor is it in my bones, but wrapped tightly around them thanks to little Olivia many moons ago. I wasn’t born to be a writer; I fell in love with fiction so deeply, that it seems as though writing is a natural becomming of that. And I couldn’t be more thankful.

Reading is an escape mechanism for many, and – in the earlier moments of my childhood – that value included me. However, despite my love developing from lonliness, literature makes me feel anything but. Firstly, the characters I witness feel like old friends. Secondly, the characters I write about feel like little parts of myself, sprinkled over the page. Thirdly, the doors both my reading and writing have opened are the doors to every little thing I have ever wanted, and ever could want.

And that brings me to the true purpose of this guest post – my blog.

I started BiblioMad just over 3 months ago, and since then, I have (somehow) accumulated 187 followers, who all seem to care about what I have to say. That is a great feeling.

Primarily, I post book reviews, which is a beautiful way to combine my love of reading with my love of writing, and – frankly – it is my favourite thing to do.

Although BiblioMad could also be percieved as an escape mechanism, I argue only with this: I write not to hide, not to escape from my life, and not to gain praise, but to throw myself into the spotlight and express what I have to say. Whether that’s personal opinions, works of fiction, or breif messages from my whirlwind of a mind, I write not to dissapear, but to exist in my simplist form; the writer.


The Writer’s Curse

The candles shone on the girl’s long black hair, which cascaded over her slim bare shoulders. Angela had chosen the expensive strapless dress with great care, after all it isn’t often that a young woman is invited out to dinner in what is, by many considered to be the capital’s top restaurant and with one of London’s leading celebrities to boot.

“Thank you for the meal”, she said fixing her soft brown eyes on those of her companion, “the food was wonderful”.

Angela’s companion heard not a word, for he was engrossed in the conversation of the couple seated on the adjacent table.

“Now how could I use that exchange without being sued?” the writer mused.



The sunlight danced on the becalmed sea. Children’s laughter, including that of her own 2 kids, Molly and John, reached Jessica where she sat on the beach towel.

“Mummy, mummy, play with me”, said Molly, tugging at Jessica’s hand. So intent on her musings had Jessica been that she had failed to notice the approach of her daughter.

“Mummy’s busy dear” Jessica said returning to her writing.

“The sunlight danced upon the becalmed sea. The excited squeals of children playing happily in the waves reached the girl as she lay on her beach towel”, Jessica wrote.


Free book promotion – ‘Samantha’ by Kevin Morris

My book ‘Samantha’ will be on free promotion from the 8th – 12th June. Samantha tells the story of a young woman forced into prostitution in the city of Liverpool by her brutal pimp, Barry. Can Sam survive, or will she end her miserable existence in the murky waters of Liverpool’s Albert Dock?

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Why The Best Reading App Available Is Not What You Think

An interesting post arguing that paper, rather than electronic reading methods are superior. Being blind I love the text to speech facility on my Kindle as it allows me to read print which, in the absence of the device would not be possible. Having said that, I love the scent and feel of hard copy books and would hate to see them vanish. A home without bookshelves is, for me difficult to imagine. For the article please visit (http://michaelhyatt.com/best-reading-app-paper.html?utm_source=Michael+Hyatt+Newsletter&utm_campaign=93dec8a7d3-rssdaily2&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_d1fa5823d7-93dec8a7d3-250628637).

My Past Five Years As A Blogger – My Guest Post On Cupitonians

Many thanks to Anju for inviting me to lull her readers to sleep, err I mean entertain them! By writing about the past five years of my life as a blogger. For my guest post please visit (https://cupitonians.wordpress.com/2015/04/15/last-5-years-by-new-author-online/).