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My Author Interview On Sally G. Cronin’s Blog

Many thanks to Sally G. Cronin for taking the time to interview me for her blog. You can find my interview by clicking here, (https://smorgasbordinvitation.wordpress.com/2015/04/12/the-sunday-show-defining-moments-with-kevin-morris/).



The Escort Life

My stories, “The First Time” and “Samantha” explore the world of escorting or, not to put to fine a point on it – prostitution. In “Samantha”, Sam is forced into prostitution by her brutal pimp, Barry. While in “The First Time”, we meet Becky, a young graduate who enters sex work in order to clear her debts and avoid homelessness. All of my stories are fictional as are the characters portrayed in them, albeit based on extensive research into the world of sex work.

Below is a guest post by a young woman who is engaged in escorting in Australia. As a writer it is important to listen to people with knowledge of the subject matter about which one writes. Information gleaned from the internet can be extremely helpful. There is, however value in hearing it from the horse’s mouth so to speak. I am, therefore grateful to Sydsugarbabe (not her real name) for taking the time to write the below guest post. The article below reflects the experiences and opinions of the author (Sydsugarbabe) and does not, necessarily coincide with my own. As a writer receptive to the lived experiences of others I do, however believe that the below piece contributes to our understanding of the world’s oldest profession.

For Sydsugarbabe’s blog please visit (http://sydsugarbabe.com/author/sydsugarbabe/).


The Escort Life

Desperation. One word that sums up what it took to finally make my plunge into the realm of pleasing men for money. There’s no real way to sugar coat, I

felt trapped by my circumstances, lack of time, lack of money and couldn’t see another way out. To be entirely honest though, the adult industry has always

been somewhat alluring to me, tempting me from the ripe young age of 18.

When I was young I lingerie and topless waitressed, the thought of becoming a stripper or a prostitute intrigued me though I never really thought I might

actually do it. I, like most escorts I know, have deep seated self esteem issues, I didn’t think men would pay me.

One year ago, I began a business quickly, with no money and little planning…. rookie move… but I was sick of living week to week, scraping together

dollars and cents at the end of each week to buy food. Something needed to change and I set out to change it. Once realizing my business needed more capital

than I had, I began looking into escorting.

I wasn’t game enough to meet anyone from an agency, I would get sick with anxiety at the thought, I wasn’t ready but goddam I needed money. I fell into

Sugar Dating and dabbled there for a few months. Sugar dating was more appealing because I didn’t feel like I was a hooker… sure, in essence it’s the

exact same thing. I am selling my time and my body to men for cash. How I justified it was, I got to choose them unlike in the escort world. These men

wined and dined you before bedding you. It somehow seemed to satisfy my mental anguish in some regards.

Still, I was extremely nervous upon starting. I wasn’t too sure how I felt about it all. It confused me to no end when a man paying for pleasure could make

me wriggle, squirm and moan in what would be called ecstasy if it were a partner of my choosing. I had no attraction to these people, how could my body

betray me like that and enjoy the moment?

I made the transition from sugar baby to escorting when I began dating a male escort. I fell for him because I didn’t need to hide anything. I had no

need to hide my raw sexuality or the fact I too fuck for cash. He began pimping me out in the most basic fashion, but as everybody knows business and pleasure

aren’t supposed to mix, even when your business is pleasure. Tsk Tsk.

I joined a long standing and reputable agency once joy turned to tears with the escort. I began seeing a lot more clients, for a lot less money.  I was

very happy with my decision, but a down day as an escort is a seriously down day. There is no real efficient way to articulate just how empty you feel.

All your energy goes into turning into your escort persona, turning on the charm, and becoming a man’s play toy for hours on end. They all begin to look

the same, they are a blank face with a cock, which you are there to fawn over and excite. You are theirs for that time. You have to mentally detach and

go somewhere else. This is easier in some bookings than others of course. Some clients make you focus and discuss the whole way through the sexual act.

This is draining but this is their time. You must look as though you enjoy every second of it.

It makes my stomach turn with particularly sleazy men, you can watch their eyes turn from corporate profession to this particularly glazed over look, deep

with desire and sexually driven. They don’t see you, they see sex, you aren’t a person, you are a piece of meat.

On the opposite end of the scale there are a few lovely, lonely and old gentleman that require more company than pleasure. The polar opposite to the other end

of the spectrum. The young men. It’s quite crazy to think that a prostitute would rather work with an old man than a semi attractive young one but it’s


Young men are watching every second of their time and make sure they get their money’s worth. Hard, fast and full on for the entire time. Most certainly

not easy cash made in ANY regard.

Regardless of their age, the one thing I despise is a client making me cum. I can’t enjoy it, I don’t want to enjoy it, it’s a service and the situation

would never have happened without the exchange of cash. It is the one time I feel dirty. I understand this is hard for people to comprehend though a friend

worded it well

“Every escort keeps something from their clients, so they can remain detached, something anything. In your strange case it’s your orgasm”

Unfortunately however I can’t keep it away from them all the time.. such is escort life.

Competition To Win A Free Copy Of The First Time

I am giving away free copies of my collection of short stories, The First Time to anyone who can answer the below question. (In order to participate you will need to download my collection of short stories, The Suspect And Other Tales, which is free in the Kindle Store until Saturday 29 November). Everyone who guesses correctly will receive a free electronic copy of The First Time. Entries must be received on or before 12 PM (UK time) on Saturday 29 November. To obtain a free copy of The First Time please answer the following question,

Which story in The Suspect And Other Tales derives it’s title from a Shakespeare quote and what is the name of the play from which the quote derives?

Please e-mail your answers to newauthoronline (at) gmail dot com (the address is given in this manner to defeat spammers).


In The First Time I explore why young women enter the world of prostitution while other stories look at what happens when the

worlds of sex and technology collide.

In “The First Time”, the first story in this collection, we meet Becky a young graduate who enters the world of prostitution in order to clear her debts.

The story looks at the effects of prostitution on Becky and her fellow escort and friend Julie. In “The Pain Behind the Smile” Issie presents her friend,

Peter with a birthday cake, however things are not what they seem.

In “Lucy” the acquaintances of a crusty old bachelor speculate how he could attract and retain the affections of a beautiful young woman. As with “The

Pain Behind the Smile” things are far from what they seem.

“Hemlock” explores what happens when machines attain the capacity to appreciate high culture. The story is both humorous and deeply serious.


To download The Suspect And Other Tales free please go to http://www.amazon.co.uk/The-Suspect-other-tales-Morris-ebook/dp/B00PKPTQ0U (for the UK) or http://www.amazon.com/The-Suspect-other-tales-Morris-ebook/dp/B00PKPTQ0U/ref=cm_cr_pr_bdcrb_top?ie=UTF8 (for the US).


Update to Author Central page

I have at long last got around to updating my Amazon Author Page. I have added an additional photograph showing my guide dog Trigger and I outside the Roebuck pub in Richmond. I have also added a link to my Author page on amazon.com.

To visit the Author Page please click here http://www.amazon.co.uk/-/e/B00CEECWHY

Stranger than fiction

My story, The First Time relates how Becky, a young graduate with a first class degree in English literature becomes a prostitute in order to clear her debts. The following post reminded me of an incident in The First Time where Julie, Becky’s friend and a fellow escort is asked by one of her clients to pretend to be his 14-year-old daughter. For the true account by a former working girl please visit http://recoveringsexworker.wordpress.com/2014/04/09/fantasies-of-business-men-on-their-lunch-hour/. For my story, The First Time please go to http://www.amazon.co.uk/The-First-Time-K-Morris-ebook/dp/B00FJGKY7Y

Have You Ever Interviewed One Of Your Characters – Interview With Becky From The First Time

I have published two previous posts containing interviews with characters from my story, Samantha, http://newauthoronline.com/2014/02/14/have-you-ever-interviewed-one-of-your-characters/. Today I am interviewing the leading character from my story the First Time, a young graduate named Becky who enters the world of prostitution in order to clear her debts.





Me: “What is your earliest recollection?”


Becky: “Collecting bluebells with my grandfather. I remember the sun was shining, the birds singing and I was so happy to be with my grandfather. Those memories are incredibly precious”.


Me: “It sounds as though you had a happy childhood?”


“Becky: “Yes, I was surrounded by people who loved me. Mummy and daddy doted on me. Both of them  read to me, I grew up in a house full of books which is why, I guess I ended up reading English literature at university”.


Me: “much of the research into why people enter into prostitution appears to indicate that they suffered childhood abuse or some other trauma. From what you have told me about your childhood it doesn’t appear that you fit in with this stereotype”.


Becky: “You mean what is a nice middle class girl like me doing working as a prostitute?”


Me: “Not to put to fine a point on it, yes”.


Becky: “I ran up a huge credit card debt. There was no way, as a part-time barmaid I would ever be able to clear it. One of my friends, Julie worked as an escort and, in desperation I asked her to help me to enter the sex industry, as a prostitute which she did by introducing me to one of her clients, Mike”.


Me: “Didn’t you consider turning to your family for help?”


Becky: “No, mummy and daddy would have been so disappointed in me. They brought me up to live within my means, not to borrow accept for a mortgage. If you can’t afford it then you should save up for it or do without. That is there philosophy. I would have died of shame if  they had found out about my debts”.


Me: “What do you think their reaction would be if they found out that their daughter was working as a prostitute?”


Becky: “they would be horrified! Christ I would die of shame if they found out, that will never happen though.  I live in London and mummy and Daddy live in York”.


Me: “Do you feel that you have a choice in prostitution?


Becky: “If I haden’t entered sex work I would have had a huge credit card debt and it would have been impossible for me to live as all my money would have gone in paying off my card. I wasn’t physically compelled to become an escort but I had no other choice given the state of the jobs market”.


“Me: “do you enjoy your work?”


Becky: “What kind of a question is that?! I hate being treated like a piece of meat. Some men are nice and, of course it’s easier if the man is polite and converses with you rather than grabbing you as soon as you come through the door, doing the deed and then throwing you out in 30 minutes or so, but no I don’t enjoy being treated as a sex object”.


Me: “Can you see yourself giving up working as an escort?”


Becky: “I’d like to but, although I hate the work I like the money. You can make thousands a month if you work as an independent escort as you don’t have to give a percentage to the escort agency. I’ve seen girls who hate the work but love the money. I’m afraid that I may end up like one of them”.


Me: “Many thanks for talking to me Becky”.



For a review of The First Time please visit https://cupitonians.wordpress.com/2014/02/17/the-first-time-book-review/

Prostitution In India

Two of my short stories, “Samantha” and “The First Time” deal with the lives of women engaged in prostitution. In “Samantha” Sam is trapped in the world of prostitution and it is touch and go as to whether she will survive or end her days in the cold and murky waters of the river Mersey. In “The First Time” we meet Becky, a young graduat who enters the arena of prostitution as an escort in order to pay her creditors. Becky fears becoming homeless and the dread of sleeping on the streets leads her to take up sex work.

Given my interest in prostitution I was interested to read the following post on the issue in India, http://cupitonians.wordpress.com/2010/08/03/guest-blog-legalizing-prostitution/. The post is worth a read and I recommend it to you.

For my Amazon author’s page please visit http://www.amazon.co.uk/K.-Morris/e/B00CEECWHY/ref=ntt_dp_epwbk_0

Updated Author Profile On Goodreads

I have updated my Goodreads author profile to include my latest collection of short stories, “Street Walker And Other Stories”. For my Goodreads author profile please visit https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/6879063.K_Morris.



Update to my About page

I have finally got around to updating my About page! You can find the updated page here: http://newauthoronline.com/about/


I am posting this with the help of a sighted friend as I am still having problems posting this independently.

Terms and Conditions!

Yesterday I received an e-mail from Kindle Support informing me that my collection of short stories, The First Time did not comply with KDP Select’s terms and conditions. What on earth had I done to receive this missive? Had I slandered a prominent personage who was, even now instructing lawyers to sue me for every penny I haven’t got?! Maybe I had copied huge chunks of a fellow author’s work and he was out for my blood?! I am pleased to report that none of these breeches apply. It turns out that Amazon had found The First Time for sale from an outlet other than the Kindle store. In order to enrol one’s books in KDP Select you must ensure that they are exclusive to Amazon which, in this instance The First Time was not.

I can hear shouts of “you brought it on yourself. Why are you belly aching. It’s a fair cop guv. You should stop waffling on about the situation and remove The First Time from all outlets other than Amazon forthwith”. Would where it that simple! The First Time was published using the services of a self-publishing company who as part of their service enrolled my book with a variety of e-book distributors. However due to no sales resulting I asked the company to remove The First Time from all outlets other than Amazon. Once I received confirmation that this had been done I enrolled my book in KDP Select assuming that it was now exclusive to Amazon. As you know from the above dear reader this is not the case! I have written to the self-publishing company asking that they ensure The First Time is removed from the outlet which Amazon drew to my attention. I live in hope that it will be removed from sale ASAP thereby ensuring that The First Time remains enrolled in KDP Select.

The lesson I draw from the above is the importance of ensuring that authors keep control over their works. I am listed as the author of The First Time but not the publisher. In my case it is only the publisher who is able to remove books which has led to the problems outlined above. Dear fellow authors please, please read the small print prior to signing contracts.