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When Men Reach The Stars

When men
Reach the stars
And girls lose their bras
At the click of a mouse.
And men
Can be
Whatever they wish to be
In the virtual house,
I wonder will we
Be happy
Or free.

The Robot In Your Bedroom

Several days ago The Guardian published an article (http://www.theguardian.com/technology/2015/dec/13/sex-love-and-robots-the-end-of-intimacy) regarding the rise of sexbots. There are companies specialising in the production of such things and David Levy believes that such machines can alleviate the lonleness of those who are not in relationships. The growth of sexbots has lead to the founding of an anti sexbot organisation which calls for the prohibition of such robots.
The Guardian article reminds me of my short story, “The Affair” which can be found here, (http://newauthoronline.com/2014/10/26/the-affair/).



When there is no night or day
Man will have lost his way.
When the harsh bulb does forever shine
And man is caught in a mesh so fine
He can not see
And believes himself free
Methinks he will have passed a line.
When the face of love
Is replaced by a glove
And lonely people
Hide in a steple
Of the mind
Humans will find
They have crossed the Rubicon
Something indefinable has gone
And the fluorescent tubes burn forever on.

Dancing Girl

Come visit the stage.

‘Tis all the rage

to see ecstasy without feeling.

Your senses will be reeling

as the lights on the ceiling

reveal her kneeling.

The club will be dark.

She will play her part

to perfection.

You need not fear rejection

for she will never tire.

and your desire

Is her pleasure.

Take your leisure

and find romance.

Come see the robot dance


Is man’s destiny to slowly fade away?

to be lost in perpetual play?

The gosimer thin thread

in his head


and he takes

a step over the abyss

to wallow in bliss

where machines dream

and Alice is not who she seems.

The sun rises.

There are prizes

For the movers and shakers.

To be caught in a movie maker’s


a scene

from which there can be no escape.

As we roll with the never ending tape.


(The above was prompted by an article in yesterday’s Guardian, http://www.theguardian.com/business/2015/nov/07/artificial-intelligence-homo-sapiens-split-handful-gods).