They Talk of All-Powerful AI

They talk of all-powerful AI.

Perhaps this is Sci-Fi.

Or maybe it is true.

But you and I

Will surely die,

Unless we

Achieve immortality,

And perhaps live on

After the body is gone

In virtual reality.

But would that be

You and me?

2 thoughts on “They Talk of All-Powerful AI

  1. V.M.Sang

    Indeed. Would it? In the Dune books, I think it was, a dead person can be cloned and the memories of the original body restored to the new one. But is it the same person?

    1. K Morris Poet Post author

      I shall check out the Dune books. Thanks for drawing them to my attention, Vivienne. As for whether it would be the same person, I guess the jury will remain out on that one until it happens in the real world, (if indeed it ever does happen(. Even then, I suspect philosophers would continue to debate whether the person with the memories of the “deceased” was truly that individual, and some religious people would continue to view the practice as sinful.


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