Have You Ever Interviewed One Of Your Characters – Interview With Becky From The First Time

I have published two previous posts containing interviews with characters from my story, Samantha, http://newauthoronline.com/2014/02/14/have-you-ever-interviewed-one-of-your-characters/. Today I am interviewing the leading character from my story the First Time, a young graduate named Becky who enters the world of prostitution in order to clear her debts.





Me: “What is your earliest recollection?”


Becky: “Collecting bluebells with my grandfather. I remember the sun was shining, the birds singing and I was so happy to be with my grandfather. Those memories are incredibly precious”.


Me: “It sounds as though you had a happy childhood?”


“Becky: “Yes, I was surrounded by people who loved me. Mummy and daddy doted on me. Both of them  read to me, I grew up in a house full of books which is why, I guess I ended up reading English literature at university”.


Me: “much of the research into why people enter into prostitution appears to indicate that they suffered childhood abuse or some other trauma. From what you have told me about your childhood it doesn’t appear that you fit in with this stereotype”.


Becky: “You mean what is a nice middle class girl like me doing working as a prostitute?”


Me: “Not to put to fine a point on it, yes”.


Becky: “I ran up a huge credit card debt. There was no way, as a part-time barmaid I would ever be able to clear it. One of my friends, Julie worked as an escort and, in desperation I asked her to help me to enter the sex industry, as a prostitute which she did by introducing me to one of her clients, Mike”.


Me: “Didn’t you consider turning to your family for help?”


Becky: “No, mummy and daddy would have been so disappointed in me. They brought me up to live within my means, not to borrow accept for a mortgage. If you can’t afford it then you should save up for it or do without. That is there philosophy. I would have died of shame if  they had found out about my debts”.


Me: “What do you think their reaction would be if they found out that their daughter was working as a prostitute?”


Becky: “they would be horrified! Christ I would die of shame if they found out, that will never happen though.  I live in London and mummy and Daddy live in York”.


Me: “Do you feel that you have a choice in prostitution?


Becky: “If I haden’t entered sex work I would have had a huge credit card debt and it would have been impossible for me to live as all my money would have gone in paying off my card. I wasn’t physically compelled to become an escort but I had no other choice given the state of the jobs market”.


“Me: “do you enjoy your work?”


Becky: “What kind of a question is that?! I hate being treated like a piece of meat. Some men are nice and, of course it’s easier if the man is polite and converses with you rather than grabbing you as soon as you come through the door, doing the deed and then throwing you out in 30 minutes or so, but no I don’t enjoy being treated as a sex object”.


Me: “Can you see yourself giving up working as an escort?”


Becky: “I’d like to but, although I hate the work I like the money. You can make thousands a month if you work as an independent escort as you don’t have to give a percentage to the escort agency. I’ve seen girls who hate the work but love the money. I’m afraid that I may end up like one of them”.


Me: “Many thanks for talking to me Becky”.



For a review of The First Time please visit https://cupitonians.wordpress.com/2014/02/17/the-first-time-book-review/

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