The Daydreamer Challenge – Day 1

I am participating in the Daydreamer Challenge which is being run by Caitlin the Tean Daydreamer, ( For day 1 Caitlain asks that participants choose 1 of 3 topics. My choice is the beach. However, being tired I have cheated and reproduced below a post which first appeared on my blog in 2014, (apologies Caitlin, at this time of night my brain seeks the land of nod, hence my reposting of an earlier article rather than something new).



“I see you, bare feet leaving traces in the damp sand.


Lost in beauty, you watch the gulls as they wheel and cry.


The salt sea caresses your sun kissed skin.


The birds continue to scream overhead.


The sceen overpowers, your tears mingle and are lost in the great atlantic.


In my dreams I glimpse you, a girl walking along the beach”.

(for the original post please visit,



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