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My Friend, Who Is Extremely Brave

My friend, who is extremely brave
Spent the night on a murderer’s grave.
I am somewhat more circumspect
But have the greatest respect
For my friend who slept on that grave!

When I Go

When I go will it be in a darkened room
With cloying perfume
Hanging like a stark
question mark,
In the unmoved air?

I shall beware
The unlit stair
For I may go
Lest I tread with care.

Will I leave at dawn
With only the birds to mourn?
Or perchance it will be among friends
Who, seeing my end
Will say
“Blast. A blaggard to the last!
He failed to pay, his bill ere he went away”!

I know not the day
But pray
I go with conscience clear,
Without fear
And with those to me dear
Standing near.