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Sex with someone who is not part of your household to be made a criminal offence in the United Kingdom as part of new lockdown measures

The UK’s “Daily Mirror reports that:

“Sex in your house with someone from outside of your household is set to become illegal today.

The government is introducing new lockdown measures that prevent people from socialising (or gathering) with one person from outside of their household in a private space.

Up until now the person visiting a house for sex would have been the one in breach of the measures”. (See https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/sex-your-house-person-another-22117105).

As a libertarian, (with a small l) I find this deeply disturbing. What consenting adults do (behind closed doors) should be no concern of the state or of society. And this legislation strikes me as being something one would expect in a dictatorship rather than a democracy like the United Kingdom.

Yes COVID-19 is a serious problem and I am concerned about the pandemic. However I am more concerned (in this particular instance) about unwarranted intrusion into the private lives of consenting adults. Just how many people are going to become infected with the Corona virus as a consequence of having sex with a person who is not part of their household? I would be astounded if anyone has carried out any research into this issue.

For what its worth, my own (non-scientific view) is that very few people will become infected as a consequence of indulging in sexual relations with a person who is not part of their household.

Apart from the massive impact on civil liberties, I honestly can’t see this law being enforceable. A few nasty neighbours may report someone they suspect of breaking this law, but the vast majority will, I believe mind their own business (as, indeed they should do).

This (proposed) law contrasts sharply with the sensible and liberal policy of the Netherlands where single people are encouraged (should they wish to do so) to find a “sex buddy”, (see https://kmorrispoet.com/2020/05/16/the-netherlands-advises-single-people-to-find-corona-sex-buddies/).

I never thought that I would see the day in a country I love where such draconian laws where even being considered.

The Agency

Beautiful women
For your pleasure.
You may browse at your leisure.
There will be no sinning
For we
Only offer company,
But, what goes on behind closed doors . . .
We break no laws
But, discerning gentleman will understand
that money may command
a girlfriend
For the night
If the price is right,
But we must both pretend . . .
You do understand that we
Only provide company . . .

Noise Emiters To Be Made Compulsary On All Electric Vehicles

The Guardian reports that from next year (2019) all new electric vehicles will be required by law to be fitted with noise emiters and (from 2020) all existing vehicles will be obliged to have such equipment retrofitted.

As a registered blind guide dog owner I welcome this news. Electric vehicles are environmentally friendly and it is right that there uptake is strongly encouraged and the driving of petrol and diesel vehicles phased out. However, when traveling at below 20 miles per hour electric vehicles make very little noise posing a particular danger to those with little or no sight.

While (as already stated) I greatly welcome this news, I fervently wish that the authorities would crack down on the minority of cyclists who selfishly cycle on pavements posing a risk to pedestrians and, in particular to visually impaired people such as myself. I appreciate that roads are dangerous places but if you (as a cyclist) can’t stomach the risk associated with going on a road you should not then ride your machine on the pavement. You should stick to designated cycle tracks or (if this does not appeal to you) cease cycling. I have nothing whatever against cycling and would (if possessed of vision) indulge in the activity. Cyclists should, however respect the law as should all road (and pavement users).

For the Guardian article please see, https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2018/may/06/new-law-combats-silent-menace-electric-cars.


How do you imagine me?
Do you see
Danger smouldering behind dark glasses?
A young man, superficially charming,
My good looks disarming
Girls who dance
To my tune of false romance?

Do you see me
In a sports car
With a false number plate
Where girls go too far
And learn too late
The meaning of hate?

You don’t see a young
Woman, my compassion flung
I shall decide
Which girl shall work tonight,
To bring delight
To you good sir.

I swear
That you wouldn’t guess
That beneath my demure dress
There beats a heart of stone.
My voice on the phone
Is matter-of-fact.
(I never discuss the actual act
But we glean
What each other mean
In this game of charades
Where the cards
Are stacked in my favour).
You can have any flavour
You like tonight
But mind your language for I have learned, over the years
That walls have ears
And many a business ends in tears
When a girl is indiscreet
About who she will meet.

What Does It Mean To Be A Teen?

What does it mean
To be a teen?
At sixteen one may smoke
But may not buy
This means to die,
Which some may say is a joke.

One may not star in films obscene
Until the age of eighteen,
Though sex at sixteen is OK
With a guy
Where the difference in years
Will bring tears
To a parents eyes.
Such is the law in the UK today.

In the UK it is legal to smoke at sixteen but illegal to sell or gift tobacco products to anyone aged under eighteen.
Until 2003 it was permissible for those aged sixteen to feature in pornographic material. While the age of sexual consent remains at sixteen, the age at which teenagers may legally appear in pornographic films etc is set at eighteen. It is, however perfectly legal for a man (or woman) in their eighties to have sexual relations with a person aged sixteen.
Some may agree with Mr Bumble that “the law is an ass”.

Should Prostitution Be Decriminilised?

Below is a  discussion regarding the decision of Amnesty International to support the decriminilisation of prostitution. There are some interesting points made on both sides of the argument.

(In  the UK it is legal for someone over the age of 18 to buy or sell sex provided the sex worker is not subjected to coercion. It  is an absolute offence to pay for sex with a  person who has been forced into prostitution irrespective of whether the person handing over money is aware that the prostitute is being forced.

Many of the activities associated with prostitution are illegal. It  is illegal to profit from another’s involvement in prostitution and brothels are prohibited).


The Laws Of God By A E Housman

  1. Housman (1895-1936) was a homosexual at a time when to be so was punishable by imprisonment. Unlike Oscare Wilde, Housman avoided imprisonment, (Wilde was imprisoned in Reading Jail where he penned the powerful and moving “Balad of Reading Jail”). The below poem by Housman does, I think need to be read in the context of Housman’s homosexuality.

“The laws of God, the laws of man,

He may keep that will and can;

Not I: let God and man decree

Laws for themselves and not for me;

And if my ways are not as theirs

Let them mind their own affairs.

Their deeds I judge and much condemn,

Yet when did I make laws for them?

Please yourselves, say I, and they

Need only look the other way.

But no, they will not; they must still

Wrest their neighbor to their will,

And make me dance as they desire

With jail and gallows and hell-fire.

And how am I to face the odds

Of man’s bedevilment and God’s?

I, a stranger and afraid

In a world I never made.

They will be master, right or wrong;

Though both are foolish, both are strong.

And since, my soul, we cannot fly

To Saturn nor to Mercury,

Keep we must, if keep we can,

These foreign laws of God and man”.

Young Woman Older Man

Some time ago, while in a humorous or cynical frame of mind (take your pick as to which one applies), I penned the below poem entitled, “Young Woman Older Man” which runs thus:


“Young lady older man, is there love or a cunning plan? Middle aged man with younger girl, does love exist in this world? What thoughts pass through your heads, as you lie entwined in your bed? Girl are you there or far away? What holds you, makes you stay?

“Oh my darling man why worry? enjoy me while you can. Life is short, I am sweet. Give in to lust then let us sleep”.


Yesterday I was chatting with a female friend regarding my writing. I can’t remember how the matter arose but at some point during our conversation she mentioned that older men (in their 70’s) shouldn’t be allowed to date young women in their 20’s. Her argument was that the young women could take advantage of the lonleness and/or vulnerability of the older man. On me questioning my friend further she mentioned she found it distasteful for people with big age differences to date.


I hear all my friend says. However, as I said to my friend, such a relationship cuts both ways. Many older men (and women) are in possession of all their faculties and know exactly what they are letting themselves in for. Lets take the worst case scenario where a much younger woman (or man) enters into a relationship with someone considerably older than themselves in order to gain financial staibility (I.E. love does not enter into the equation). I am sure that in many such instances the older party in the relationship is well aware that their other half entertains no romantic feelings for them. However both are gaining something from the transaction. The older person is gaining companionship and (yes) other things, while the younger participant is obtaining financial security. No one’s rights are being violated. Of course if the older person is suffering from dementia and the younger party takes advantage of this fact, this is wholly immoral and downright illegal. However many older people in such relationships are in full possession of their faculties and would, quite understandably feel patronised were anyone to suggest they didn’t know what they where doing.

What about the younger participant in the relationship, can not she (or he) be exploited? Yes they can. However if the law says (as it does in the UK) that people may marry, without parental consent at 18-years-old (and at 16 with their parents consent), then on what basis can a law stopping younger people from marrying those considerably older than themselves be based? Also how old is too old? Is it OK for a lady of 21 to enter into a relationship with a man of 41? If yes is it OK for the same lady to date a man of 51? If not, why not? And were, exactly does one draw the line and on what basis?

There is, of course the possibility of genuine love. People with vast age differences can (and do) fall in love, not all such relationships are based on crude calculations of financial gain and, ultimately provided both parties are adults and compus mentus it is, no concern of anyone other than themselves how they live their lives.

To say the above is not to argue that one should never offer advice in such situations. A parent who’s 18-year-old daughter announces her intention to move in with a man in his 60’s might well feel grave apprehension and (rightly) counsel her to think extremely carefully before taking such a step. It would, however, in the final analysis be the choice of the adult woman. One can argue that 18 is to young and that the law should (as was previously the case) stipulate 21 as the age of adulthood in the UK, however unless that happens (which is extremely unlikely) we must respect the decisions of others to do as they wish in matters of relationships.

So there is no doubt in the matter I believe that relationships should, in the ideal world be based on love and friendship. However it is not my role to tell other

Is It Really A Guide Dog Or The Local Mut?

As a guide dog owner for some 20 years or more I was surprised to come across this post about service dogs in the USA, (http://aopinionatedman.com/2015/02/07/service-dogs/). In it Opinionated Man questions whether all the dogs described as “service dogs” are, in fact the genuine article. He states his dislike of having an animal sitting in close proximity while eating in a restaurant. In the comments following on from the post a number of people contend that they have seen dogs in shops which, they say where not service animals. In short, according to the post the law as to which constitutes a “service dog” in the USA is lax and/or not properly enforced.

One respondent does, however confirm my understanding of the situation in the USA, namely that federal legislation (The Americans With Disabilities Act) mandates that “service dogs” (known in the UK as “Assistance Dogs”) must be permitted access to food and other premises when accompanied by their owner.

I have no way of knowing whether there exists a big “service dog” scam in the USA with people passing off their pet fido as a well trained “service dog”. If there does indeed exist such a scam then it should be jumped on from a great height by the authorities as those offering fake “service animals” are bringing properly trained guide and other assistance animals into disrepute. However my experience as a guide dog owner in the UK is very different from that portrayed in the above mentioned post. Here the Equalities Act states that guide and other assistance dogs must be permitted entry, when accompanied by their owner to food premises such as restaurants. A guide dog is essential to the blind person’s mobility/independence and the Act recognises this by construing refusal to admit assistance dogs as discrimination. Other than one particularly poor joke I have never come across evidence of non assistance dogs being passed off as properly trained working animals. If this where to happen it would be a clear breech of the law and those perpetrating the scam would be liable to prosecution.

The problem in the UK revolves around service providers such as taxi firms and restaurants breaking the law by refusing entry to owners accompanied by their assistance dogs. It does not concern people trying to pass off their pet pooch as a genuine assistance dog. I know because I have been on the receiving end of such refusals on numerous occasions, (for the most recent example which entails a taxi firm refusing to convey me with my guide dog Trigger please see http://newauthoronline.com/2014/12/09/discrimination-by-taxi-driver-who-refused-to-convey-me-with-my-guide-dog-trigger/). Sadly I am far from being unique. Speaking to the Guide Dogs For The Blind Association (the UK charity which trains guide dogs) and to fellow guide dog owners, I hear stories of refusals of entry by restaurants and other premises together with instances of taxi firms refusing to convey owners accompanied by their very highly trained guide dogs).

Refusal to admit assistance dogs has the effect of preventing their owner from accessing services which others take for granted. It is treating people who rely on their assistance animals as second class citizens and it is wholly unacceptable.

In conclusion I understand the concern regarding any old mut being passed off as a service dog and/or assistance dog. However the problem of scams pails into insignificance when compared to the discrimination faced by disabled assistance dog owners. We must not allow genuine concerns about service dog scams to blind us to the real problem, that of discrimination.

What Happens To Your Online Presence When You Die?

A firm of lawyers are recommending that people attach a list of their social media passwords to wills in order to make it easier for relatives to access them after the user dies. In this digital age when most people have some form of online presence the issue of what happens to accounts on the demise of the user is of growing significance. For all you bloggers out there (including myself) this article raises important albeit uncomfortable issues as few of us like to be reminded of our own mortality, (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2939685/Lawyers-urge-people-leave-social-media-details-including-Facebook-passwords-wills-alongside-family-heirlooms-savings-house-deeds.html).