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My visit to the doctors

I visited my doctor yesterday. He began with a series of questions regarding my lifestyle:

“Do you smoke?” he asked.
“No” I replied truthfully.

“Do you drink?” he said.
“Yes, I’ll have a large red wine, please” I replied.


Imagine the scene.
She craves nicotine.
“Do you have a cigarette?”
I regret
That I can not answer yes to the question.
Her scent, and perhaps a suggestion …
Yet I can not repent
That I do not choke
Myself with smoke.

What Does It Mean To Be A Teen?

What does it mean
To be a teen?
At sixteen one may smoke
But may not buy
This means to die,
Which some may say is a joke.

One may not star in films obscene
Until the age of eighteen,
Though sex at sixteen is OK
With a guy
Where the difference in years
Will bring tears
To a parents eyes.
Such is the law in the UK today.

In the UK it is legal to smoke at sixteen but illegal to sell or gift tobacco products to anyone aged under eighteen.
Until 2003 it was permissible for those aged sixteen to feature in pornographic material. While the age of sexual consent remains at sixteen, the age at which teenagers may legally appear in pornographic films etc is set at eighteen. It is, however perfectly legal for a man (or woman) in their eighties to have sexual relations with a person aged sixteen.
Some may agree with Mr Bumble that “the law is an ass”.

The Last Hurrah

Thronging the doorway

“Excuse me please”. The throng parts letting me through. Sometimes a kind soul holds open the door allowing me to enter.

In all weathers the die hards stand puffing away. In summer the scent of cigarettes wafts through the pub’s open door bringing with it memories of yester year, a time when walls turned yellow with nicotine and I, a non smoker returned home, my clothes smelling of smoke, cursing the filthy weed.

The rain drives the hardy band ever closer to the pub’s sheltering doorway

“Excuse me, excuse me” I say attempting to retain my fixed smile as I try to enter or leave.

Some said the British would never stand for it, this intrusion into the rights of the individual to light up in public. But what about the liberty of the non smoker not to have his lungs clogged with poison? The latter argument won the day.

and so you stand. Not quite the last hurrah but something noble in your tenacity not to give up despite the pouring rain.

I sit enjoying a pint, thinking of the bedraggled smokers outside.

This Online Novel Is Worth Checking Out

This story about a young girl with a mother who is addicted to drugs and alcohol is worth checking out. I’ve just read chapter one and I’m looking forward to reading the remainder http://medusamoon13.webs.com/