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Wednesday Morning Humour

There was a young lady named Lou
Who was fond of the high-heel shoe,
But when she wore them in bed
Her mother’s face turned bright red,
And she said, Lou, “this really wont do!”.

A young lady named Lou
Is fond of the high-heel shoe.
Her boyfriend called Ted
Sleeps under the bed,
And Lou, she sleeps with her shoe!

My friend whose name is Hogg
Lives near an ancient peat bog.
His young wife Moriah
Does my poetry inspire,
Whilst Hogg’s away in that bogg.

Wednesday Morning Humour

I know a pretty young blonde
Of whom I’m extremely fond,
But when I suggested a date
She just couldn’t wait
To throw me in the pond!

I know a pretty young blonde
Of whom I’m extremely fond.
Her name is Louise,
And being a tease
She pushed me in her pond!

I know a petite young blonde
Of whom I’m rather fond.
Her name is Louise
And a hive of bees
Nests in her hair dyed blonde!

A most saintly vicar named White
Patrols the streets at night,
Where he saves fallen women
From their life of sinning,
By taking them home at night . . .