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Internet Dating

We haven’t met before
Yet you say you adore
Me, and call me
“Baby”. Well, my dear lady,
Learn this lesson hard,
I aint your baby, lady
And I am not
Falling for your plot
To steal my credit card …!

Internet Dating

I know a young lady named Yvette.
We met as I browsed the internet.
On a certain website
You may find delight.
And you will also find Miss Yvette …

A PassionateYoung Man Named Seb

A passionate young man named Seb
Decided to trawl the web.
There he met
A girl called Yvette.
She said “I love you my darling honey.
Please send me some money
So we can be together,
Forever and ever”.

Seb dispatched her funds via Western Union
As he longed for a communion,
Holy or otherwise.
But, to his surprise
He has still not met
His true love, Yvette …

The Camera Never Lies …

A photograph says
He who sends pays.
A photograph implies
He who attaches does not lie.
A photograph states this is me
And not some other he.
A photograph says all that you need to know is here,
You need not fear.

A photograph says
There are many ways
To skin a cat
And I will eat my hat
If the camera never lies.
“Whose eyes
Are those?”
“Only heaven knows”.