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A Poem from My Further Selected Poems

During a recent visit to my family in Liverpool, I visited Woolton wood. My trip to the wood took in a visit to the Walled Garden, https://www.merseyforest.org.uk/things-to-do/walks-bike-rides-and-more/walks/woolton-woods-and-camphill/.

In this peaceful spot, I spent some little time admiring the memorial benches and floral cuckoo clock, which feature in my poem “In Memory of”:

“A bench replete
With flowers
In winter’s wood.
Marked by a stone
Clock with lost hands.

We go into the unknown
But perhaps a bench may stand
To commemorate
Those who, of a late
Winter afternoon,
Think on nature’s passing bloom.”

“In Memory of” can be found in my collection “The Further Selected Poems of K Morris”, which is available from Amazon in Kindle and paperback, https://www.amazon.co.uk/Further-Selected-Poems-Morris-ebook/dp/B08XPMGD3F.

A Guest Post and a Review of The Further Selected Poems of K Morris

My thanks to Robbie Cheadle for reading and reviewing Leaving and Other Poems. You can find the review together with a poem from my recently published Leaving and Other Poems here, https://robbiesinspiration.wordpress.com/2022/01/30/robbies-inspiration-guest-post-poet-kevin-morris-and-a-review/.

A 4 Star Review of My Collection, “The Further Selected Poems of K Morris”

I was pleased to receive the following review of my recently published “The Further Selected Poems of K Morris”:

“… The first few poems relate to the death of the poet’s guide dog, Trigger. “Dog Bed” and “To a Departed Dog” are especially poignant. They are followed by a group featuring autumn, winter, or birds. Nature here is both comforting and indifferent. The best of this group is “This Winter Sunshine.” It is very short but very good. Two others that are brief but brilliant are “A Confession” and ” I Face My Darkening Window.” …”.

To read the review in its entirety on Goodreads please visit this link, https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/3935821813. The review can also be found on Amazon here, https://www.amazon.ca/review/R2QF59JP09SB74/. To read a sample or purchase The Further Selected Poems of K Morris please visit this link, https://www.amazon.com/Further-Selected-Poems-Morris-ebook/dp/B08XPMGD3F, or this one, https://www.amazon.co.uk/Further-Selected-Poems-Morris/dp/B08XL7YZ9H/

Dogs in Literature

A fascinating post on the blog Interesting Literature about the symbolism of dogs in literature, https://interestingliterature.com/2021/03/dogs-symbolism-in-literature-and-myth-meaning-analysis/.

I have myself composed a number of poems about my former (and still very much missed) guide dog Trigger, including this one entitled “To a Departed Dog”:

“Sometimes I see
You in front of me,
Or imagine you at
My side. I
Go to pat
You under the table,
Where you so often sat.
I am not able.
You are not coming back.”

(“To a Departed Dog” appears in “The Further Selected Poems of K Morris”, which can be found here, https://www.amazon.com/Further-Selected-Poems-Morris-ebook/dp/B08XPMGD3F).

Photographs of Poet K Morris holding the paperback edition of his book, The Further Selected Poems of K Morris

On Friday I received author copies of my book, The Further Selected Poems of K Morris , which was published on 27th February. The photographs below show me holding the front and back cover of my book, as well as two poems from the collection; ‘Dog Bed’ and ‘To a Departed Dog’. My book is also available as a Kindle download, and can be found here

For the UK please visit here and for the US please visit here

A Podcast of Poet K Morris’s Interview and Poetry Reading on Vancouver Co-Op Radio’s the World Poetry Reading Series is Now Available

I am pleased to announce that a podcast of my poetry reading and interview on Vancouver Co-Op Radio’s The World Poetry Reading Series is now available. The show was broadcast at 9 pm (UK time) on Thursday 11 March.

To listen to my podcast, in which I read from my recently published “The Further Selected Poems of K Morris” please follow this link, http://www.coopradio.org/content/world-poetry-caf%C3%A9-163

My interview starts approximately 10 minutes into the podcast. I also read a poem at the end of the show.

I listened to the podcast using Chrome, so know that the show should play in that browser.

The Further Selected Poems of K Morris is available in Kindle and paperback and can be found here, https://www.amazon.com/Further-Selected-Poems-Morris-ebook/dp/B08XPMGD3F

My thanks to Ariadne Sawyer of The World Poetry Reading Series for her kindness in featuring me and my poetry on her show.

Poet K Morris to Be Interviewed on Thursday 11 March at 9 pm (UK time), on Vancouver Co-Op Radio’s The World Poetry Reading Series

At 7 pm, on Monday 8 March, I was interviewed over Zoom about my recently released “The Further Selected Poems of K Morris”. The interview is due to be broadcast at 9 pm (UK time), on Thursday 11 March and can be heard by tuning into Vancouver Co-Op Radio’s the World Poetry Reading Series, https://worldpoetry.ca/?page_id=24.

I understand that a podcast of my interview should also be available. Once the podcast is online, I shall post a link to it on my blog.

My thanks to Ariadne Sawyer, host of the World Poetry Reading Series for allowing me to talk about my Further Selected Poems, and read from my book.

(“The Further Selected Poems of K Morris” can be found here https://www.amazon.com/Further-Selected-Poems-Morris-ebook/dp/B08XPMGD3F).

Your Chance to Win a Free Signed Paperback Edition of The Further Selected Poems of K Morris

I am offering my readers the chance to win a free signed paperback copy of my recently released Further Selected Poems. In order to be in with a chance of winning, please answer the following question, in which famous poem do these lines appear:

“ Here we go round the prickly pear
At five o’clock in the morning.”

The rules:

1. Only one signed paperback edition of The Selected Poems of K Morris is available.
2. The first person to email me the correct answer wins a free signed copy of my book.
3. You may enter irrespective of your location.
4. The winner will receive their book by end April (probably before that date).
5. To enter the competition, please send an email to kmorrispoet (at) gmail dot com, putting “Competition to Win a Copy of The Further Selected Poems” in the subject line of your message. Please do not leave the answer to the question in the comments at the foot of this post.
6. Any queries concerning the competition should be sent to the above email address.
7. The competition closes at 6 pm (UK time) on 24 March 2021. Any entries received after this will not be considered.
8. You can find The Further Selected Poems of K Morris here, https://www.amazon.co.uk/Further-Selected-Poems-Morris/dp/B08XL7YZ9H/.

Good luck.

A Review of my Further Selected Poems

I was delighted to receive the following review of my recently published “The Further Selected Poems of K Morris”:

“Once again this author has delivered an enjoyable collection of poems, which are a pleasant mixture of different styles, with topics that are often either amusing or thought-provoking. “This Winter Sunshine” and “as I Go” are favourites of mine from this collection, along with “There Once Was A Turkey Called Paul” – the latter of which I found amusing. “To A Departed Dog” was my absolute favourite out of all the poems though, and really spoke to me.”

To read the original review please visit this link, https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/3869462686.
To read a sample or to purchase the book, please visit https://www.amazon.co.uk/Further-Selected-Poems-Morris-ebook/dp/B08XPMGD3F/.

“The Further Selected Poems of K Morris” is Now Available

I am delighted to announce that “The Further Selected Poems of K Morris” is now available.

Book Description:

This little book consists of serious and humorous verses. The poems range from those dealing with nature and mortality, through to limericks and other
humorous verses.


Book Links:

To purchase the paperback edition please follow this link https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B08XL7YZ9H (for the UK).
Or to read a sample and/or buy the Kindle edition, please click here https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B08XPMGD3F/ (for the UK).

To buy on amazon.com please follow these links https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08XPMGD3F/ (for the Kindle edition)
And https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08XL7YZ9H/ (for the paperback).

If you purchase my Further Selected Poems, do please consider leaving a review.