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A Reminder: Poet Kevin Morris Interviewed by Ariadne Sawyer of The World Poetry Reading Series At 9 PM (UK Time) This Evening (Thursday 24 September)

A reminder, for anyone who is interested, that my interview with Ariadne Sawyer of Vancouver Co-Op Radio’s The World Poetry Reading Series will be broadcast this evening, https://kmorrispoet.com/2020/09/18/poet-kevin-morris-interviewed-by-ariadne-sawyer-of-vancouver-co-op-radios-the-world-poetry-reading-series-on-thursday-24th-september-2020/.

The show starts at 9 pm (UK time), whilst my bit can be found approximately 10-15 minutes into the broadcast.

During the broadcast I talk about my poetry and read several of my poems, including “Dog Bed”, which was composed in response to the death of my dog Trigger earlier this month, (https://kmorrispoet.com/2020/09/05/dog-bed-revised-poem/).

Poet Kevin Morris to appear on the Magic Happens Now podcast with Annette Rochelle Aben

I am delighted to announce that I shall be interviewed, by Annette Rochelle Aben for the Tell Me a Story podcast, at 5 pm on Friday 7 June, https://themagichappensnow.com/tell-me-a-story-with-annette-rochelle-aben/.

Once the podcast goes live I shall, of course post a link to it here. My thanks to Annette for her kindness in agreeing to interview me.


A podcast of poet Kevin Morris’s appearance on Vancouver Co-op Radio’s The World Poetry Reading Series


On the evening of Thursday 16 May, I was honoured to appear on Vancouver Co-op Radio’s The World Poetry Reading Series.


I am pleased to announce that a podcast of my interview (which includes me reading my poems) is now available and can be found here, http://worldpoetry.ca/?p=14391.

My interview starts approximately 3-4 minutes into the podcast and runs for around 25 minutes. I listened back to my interview using the Chrome Browser so know that Chrome works. I can not vouch for other browsers though.

My thanks to Ariadne and Victor of The World Poetry Reading Series for their kindness in hosting me.


Now you see it, now you don’t

The internet is a place of impermanence. Now you see content, now you don’t.
In 2016 I was privileged to be interviewed by Tom Cannon of Croydon Radio, regarding my collection of poetry “Lost in the Labyrinth of My Mind”. A podcast of my interview subsequently appeared on Croydon Radio’s website and I linked to it as a permanent record of the event. Sadly anyone who visits Croydon Radio’s website today will receive the following message
“Croydon Radio has now closed. Thanks for listening.

Fortunately my interview still exists and can be found on my publisher’s website, http://moyhill.com/lost/assets/km-interview-croydon-radio-2016-04-09-16-00-53-edited-64k.mp3. However there will, I am sure be many others who did not obtain edited copies of their podcasts, who’s broadcasts are forever lost.
Authors and other creatives put considerable time and effort into obtaining radio interviews and it is a feather in one’s cap when a broadcaster agrees to interview you. However, as demonstrated above nothing is forever. Consequently (if you possibly can) its well worth obtaining your own copy of that interview of which you are so proud as it may not be where you think it should be (on the broadcaster’s website).

Podcast of Kevin’s poem, “My Old Clock I Wind” on Vancouver Co-op Radio

Many thanks to Neall of Vancouver Co-op Radio for reading my poem, “My Old Clock I wind” and Ariadne for facilitating this. The poem is below:

“My old clock I wind
And much philosophy therein find.
I can bring
The pendulum’s swing
To a stop With my hand,
Yet I can not command
Time to default
On his duty and halt
The passing of the years.
He has no ears
For our laughter and tears
And his sickle will swing on
Long after we are gone”.


The show was broadcast at 13:00 on Thursday 8 December and can be found


My poem is read approximately 45 minutes into the programme.

I will be interviewed on Vancouver Co-op Radio on 12 January 2017.