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Now you see it, now you don’t

The internet is a place of impermanence. Now you see content, now you don’t.
In 2016 I was privileged to be interviewed by Tom Cannon of Croydon Radio, regarding my collection of poetry “Lost in the Labyrinth of My Mind”. A podcast of my interview subsequently appeared on Croydon Radio’s website and I linked to it as a permanent record of the event. Sadly anyone who visits Croydon Radio’s website today will receive the following message
“Croydon Radio has now closed. Thanks for listening.

Fortunately my interview still exists and can be found on my publisher’s website, http://moyhill.com/lost/assets/km-interview-croydon-radio-2016-04-09-16-00-53-edited-64k.mp3. However there will, I am sure be many others who did not obtain edited copies of their podcasts, who’s broadcasts are forever lost.
Authors and other creatives put considerable time and effort into obtaining radio interviews and it is a feather in one’s cap when a broadcaster agrees to interview you. However, as demonstrated above nothing is forever. Consequently (if you possibly can) its well worth obtaining your own copy of that interview of which you are so proud as it may not be where you think it should be (on the broadcaster’s website).

Kevin’s poetry to be featured on Croydon Radio, on Saturday 25 February, between 4-6 pm

I am pleased to announce that several of my poems are scheduled to be broadcast on Croydon Radio’s Saturday Show, which is presented by Tom Cannon, and airs between 4-6 pm on Saturday 25 February. For further details on the Saturday Show please visit HERE.

For a my previous interview, in which I discussed my collection of poetry, “Lost in the Labyrinth of My Mind” with Tom, please visit HERE.

Getting your poetry (and other writing) featured

On 18 December 2016, Chris the Story Reading Ape kindly published a guest post by me titled How to Get and Do Radio Interviews.

In that article I wrote about my experience of being interviewed by my local radio station, Croydon Radio, together with my appearance on the Magic Happens (a show hosted by the ever helpful Annette on Blogtalk Radio.

Since the publication of my post on the Story Reading Ape’s blog, I have been featured on the World Poetry Reading Series, and in Pax Et Dolor Magazine.

Both Pax Et Dolor Magazine and The World Poetry Reading Series (the latter is hosted by Vancouver Co-Op Radio) offer excellent opportunities for poets to promote their work.

In the case of The World Poetry Reading Series (hosted by Ariadne Sawyer and Neil Ryan), poets are offered the opportunity to talk about their work and read a selection of their poetry.

A podcast of the programme is subsequently made available which poets can share with their readers/followers, (note: Croydon Radio and Blogtalk Radio also offer this facility).

To contact The World Poetry Reading Series please visit the link above.

Pax Et Dolor Magazine publishes poetry together with writing on a variety of other topics. To contact Pax Et Dolor Magazine please visit them at the above link.

If you know of any other outlets for publicising poetry and writing more generally, please feel free to comment below.


My Interview on Croydon Radio (an update and an apology)

Apologies to any of my readers who tuned in to hear me at 5:15 pm today on Croydon Radio. My interview was scheduled to take place at 5:15, however it occurred at 5:41. For anyone who missed my interview and would like to hear me discussing my collection of poetry, “Refractions”, I understand a podcast will be available on the Croydon Radio website over the next few days, (http://croydonradio.com/).


Kevin Live On Croydon Radio at 5:15 pm Today

Just a quick reminder that I will be on Croydon Radio at 5:15 this evening to talk about my poetry. To listen at 5:15 please go to http://croydonradio.com/. My interview will subsequently be available as a podcast.


My interview on Croydon Radio, at 5:15 pm this Saturday (26 November)


I will be spending part of the week preparing for my interview this coming Saturday (26 November, at 5:15 pm, on Croydon Radio). The interview will be streamed live on Croydon Radio’s website and will also be available as a podcast, (http://croydonradio.com/).
During the programme, I hope to read a couple of my poems. I have yet to determine which of them to recite. I am, however considering reading my poem “Owl”:

“I have lain awake listening for the owl’s cry.
A note that chills
Then does die.

One day
This bird of prey
Will carry my soul away,
Or so the supersticious say.

Mice hide
While I, in my pride
The owl’s erie cry
Signifies that I will die.

The bird has no interest in me
So why can I not be free
From his cry
That to my window nigh
does rise, then, as suddenly, die?”

You can find “Owl” in my recently published collection of poetry, “Refractions“.


I hope you will join me on the evening of Saturday 26 November.


I Am Being Interviewed On Saturday 9 April

I am thrilled to announce that Croydon Radio (http://www.croydonradio.com/) has kindly agreed to interview me, at 5:15 pm, on Saturday 9 April about my collection of poetry, “Lost in the Labyrinth of My Mind” (http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01AF5EPVY/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_dp_GMp6wb14J8PT5). The interviewer will be Tom Cannon and you can find details of his programme here (http://croydonradio.com/schedule/bio.php?ID=b9814797-2aa8-e632-c7ca-9af78b1463c4 ). I will post further details once these are confirmed.