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The Young Lady and the Devil

On the night that’s known as Halloween
A young lady sat eating some cream.
When the devil, being a wit
Said, “please, give me a bit”.
And then she awoke from that dream!

When I Went On A Halloween Date

When I went on a Halloween date
With a girl who calls herself Kate,
We stopped by a grave
Where I met with Dave.
Who shares that grave with Miss Kate!

Whilst Walking Through The Graveyard On Halloween

Whilst walking through the graveyard on Halloween
I saw a ghoul dressed in green.
When I said, “why not white?”.
He replied, “because this Halloween night,
You are having a very strange dream!”.

My Halloween

I awoke from a most horrible dream
On the day that’s known as Halloween.
I rubbed my eyes
And, to my surprise,
Found the Devil had eaten the cream!

Early Wednesday Morning Humour

When a young lady named Ann
Called me a very bad man,
I said, “I haven’t done anything yet!”,
She said, “that I very much regret!”.
She’s a naughty young lady is Ann!

When a young lady named Leigh
Said that she enjoys reading poetry,
I suggested a hot date
With Leigh and Miss Kate,
As my favourite number is 3!

When a young lady named Joan
Hid behind an ancient gravestone,
A corpse passing by
Said, with a sigh,
“Joan, I wish to be alone!”.

When a teenager eating icecream
Knocked at my door on Halloween
And said, “trick or treat?”,
I revealed my clawed feet,
And I screamed an unearthly scream!

Last Night I Found In My Double Bed

Last night I found in my double bed
A young woman who was lacking a head.
When I said, “its not yet Halloween”,
She gave a most terrible, piercing scream,
Which was strange, as she had no head!

Halloween Humour

There was a young lady called Lin
Who grew a giant pumpkin.
On the night of Halloween
I have often seen
The Devil dance and grin!

There was a young lady called Lin
Who grew a giant pumpkin.
On the night of Halloween
Or so I glean
She lit that giant pumpkin.

There was a young lady called Lin
Who committed a most terrible sin.
Twas in the depths of the dark
When, with her brother Mark
She stole my prize pumpkin!