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I pass
People behind
Opaque glass.
I find
They say
Words, half-heard
As I, caught behind
My own cracked glass,
Half lose my mind.
A child’s laugh
Can bring me back.
But fragile glass
So easily cracks.

Beth Who Was Bored Quite to Death

When a young lady whose name is Beth
Said, “you have bored me quite to death!”,
I said, with a sigh,
“all flesh it must die.
But sadly Beth you are still drawing breath!”

The Young Lady and the Devil

On the night that’s known as Halloween
A young lady sat eating some cream.
When the devil, being a wit
Said, “please, give me a bit”.
And then she awoke from that dream!

There Once Was a Girl Named Strange

There once was a girl named Strange
Who lived in a haunted old grange.
She called each ghoul
“You stupid old fool!”,
Which the ghouls found really quite strange!