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There Once Was a Decent Old Tory

There once was a decent old Tory
Who went by the name of Rory.
When it came to the election
He indulged in much introspection,
Then reluctantly put his cross by Tory.

There Once Was a Man Named Rory

There once was a man named Rory
Who was a traditional one nation Tory.
His lover Miss White
Was a true Thatcherite.
And her boyfriend he didn’t like Rory!


When a young man whose name is Rory
Said, “sir, I’ve heard your politics are Tory”.
I said, “your friend Monk
Is drunk as a skunk.
And you should never discuss politics, young Rory!”.

When a young man whose name is Rory
Said, “sir, I’ve heard your politics are Tory”.
I said, “that Miss Witty
Is more than just pretty.
But I don’t know if she’s a Tory!”.

Conservatives Speak of Radical Change

Conservatives speak of radical change,
Whilst Socialists say
Everything will stay
The same,
For that is the Conservative way.

And perhaps some long dead Tory squire,
bemused and confused,
By this desire
For change,
Turns in his sleep
And mutters,
“I thought Conservatives where there To keep
Things the same”.
But, no one hears the words he utters.

A Man May Be

A man may be
A Tory
Of the deepest blue
Or a Socialist of the strongest hue
Of red,
Yet with sadness shake his head
At what
His own lot
Do when
The legislative pen
Falls to them . . .

Does Disraeli Awake?

I would like to think that the author of this article is correct in his view that the Conservative Party is seeing a revival of One-Nation Conservatism/Toryism within it’s ranks, https://blogs.spectator.co.uk/2018/08/why-have-the-tories-abandoned-their-promise-to-fight-burning-injustices/?

Whig And Tory

The Whig
Was big
On progress. while the Tory Squire
Sat by his fire
And said “let it be
For the ancient tree
Is mainly of good

And what of me
Who all around does see
The venerable tree
Brought low?
I would go
Where the great oaks still grow,
But most of those who should conserve
No longer preserve.