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When a young lady whose name is Lou

Said, “watch out as I’m coming for you!”.

And I said, “are you a ghoul,

She said, “no! you stupid old fool!

I’m Lou, and you’ve just stolen my shoe!”.



“Oh Lou, do take off your shoe,
And let down your long blonde hair”.
“There is no harm in that sir.
And as for my shoe,
I’ll do that for you.
But, sir I have 2?”.

“Lou, take off both your shoe”.
“Sir, you must mean shoes.
I beg you to use
Correct grammar, as all gentlemen should!”.

“Dear Lou, please would
You remove your stockings?”.
“Sir, cease your mocking.
I’m not wearing stockings!”.

“Oh dear Lou, that all-in-one
Dress could soon be gone.
Please, do take it off”.
“Sir, you are so extremely persistent,
And I’ve never before been resistant.
But, don’t you hear the cough
Of yonder red-faced shop assistant!”.

I am now on Soundcloud

I am pleased to announce that I am now on Soundcloud. As of today (13/2/19) I have uploaded 4 poems onto my profile, all accessible here.

As Valentine’s Approaches





When a young lady whose name is Lou
Behaved in a manner most blue,
I said, “you would look quaint
Covered in red paint,
But blue doesn’t suit you Lou”!

When a young lady by the name of Lou
Jumped in a vat of glue,
And I asked her why?
She made reply,
“Its just something I like to do”!