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When An Extremely Large Old Crocodile

When an extremely large old crocodile
Said, with a most beautiful smile,
“Its good to swim
So jump right in”.
I carried on draining the Nile!

I Think Of A Goddess Long Ago

I think of a goddess long ago
As your hair does flow,
Oh so slow,
And softly, over my hand.

Do you know
what power you command
Of pleasure and despair
When your hair
Swishes, against my hand?

In Egypt Isis slipped
But your hair
Does demand
In me a stare

The Crocodile And The Young Maiden

An elderly crocodile
Lazing in the Nile
Did spy
A young maiden walking by.
Heaving a deep sigh
He said “my life here
In this river
Is so drear.
Why dost thou quiver
With fear?
Come you near
My dear.
We shall drink fine wine
And together dine”.

“Sir crocodile”
(The young maiden made reply, with a smile),
“It is getting late
And my mother does at home wait.
I fear
My dear
Sir that your plate
Shall empty be,
And as for me
I must home to tea,
And then to sleep
For young maidens are forlorn
And mothers weep
When the crocodile does yawn!”