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A Yellow Dog

A yellow dog
In yellow sun.
You take delight
In spring sunlight.
Your time
Has come.

My brindle friend
Enjoyed the sun.
All things end.
The wind’s gust
Blows all dust
Under the sun.

(In the above poem, the reference to the yellow dog is to my current guide dog Apollo, whilst “my brindle friend” refers to my former guide dog Trigger, who died in September 2020).

I Cut Bread

I cut bread
And momentarily forget.
Then, a smile, tinged with regret.
You are dead.
There will be
No Labrador nose, to deprive me
Of my tea.

The Hungry Hound

The below poem is dedicated to my guide dog Trigger, and my generous colleagues who, from time to time sacrifice their lunch to a hungry canine.

I am Trigger.
My stomach is bigger
Than you think.
Your lunch will be gone in the blink
Of an Eye.
Then away I fly.
Should you ask “who stole my lunch?” I reply
“Nnot I
But, dear reader, I lie …!..
I have been known to eat plastic.
My reach is elastic.
You think your food Safe?
My friend brace
Yourself for a shock
For I will gobble the lot!
Be it ever so hot!