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The Pleasure Seekers

There once was a young lady named Heather
Who, wishing to find a gentleman of pleasure
Went out on the town
With her friend Miss Brown.
Where they met with the good vicar Leather.


When a young lady named Miss Coral
Said, “sir, you are wicked and immoral!”.
My good friend Jean
Said, “he’s a libertine!”
As she handed the dictionary to Coral!

Miss Bland Who Was Fond of the Handstand

There once was a young lady named Bland
Who was an expert in performing the handstand.
She wore a short Dress
And along with Miss Bess
Was admired by the men of the land!

Fine Art

A young lady named Miss Heart
Is a connoisseur of fine art.
Whilst enjoying some wine
She greatly admired mine.
And then we discussed fine art.

My Luncheon

Whilst sitting at my rather good luncheon
I got hit by a squeaky truncheon!
I said to Claire,
“Now hold on there!
I didn’t request a truncheon for luncheon!”

Miss Price Who Was Fond of Dice

There once was a young lady named Price
Who was known for her love of dice.
She would play for hours
With that rakish Lord Flowers.
And then she would return to her dice.

Spink Who Was Known for Her Unusual Kink

There was a young lady named Spink
Who was known for her unusual kink.
A vicar called Brown
Wore Spinks’s silk gown.
And Spink she lived in his sink!

Fast and Furious

When a young lady who is really curious
Said, “I like to go fast and furious!”.
Me and Miss Stride
Had a great ride.
But her boyfriend he was more than furious!

The Pink Hairband

When a young lady named Bland
Lost a pretty little pink hairband,
And the wife of vicar Ted
Found it in the marital bed.
The vicar he just couldn’t understand …!

Fine Silk Stockings

A young lady wearing fine silk stockings
Said, “the people’s behaviour is truly shocking!
Why do they stare!”.
I said, “dear Claire,
I’ve heard clothes go well with stockings!”.