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Be The One!


Children are malleable and therefore can be influenced greatly by their parents, siblings, teachers, and other people in their lives.

It’s important to be a good role model and to encourage good behavior so that they grow up to be productive citizens of society. But, we’re not just trying to raise productive citizens, are we? No, we are raising children to be adults who can think for themselves, are independent people, and are influencers in the world. We don’t want to raise automotons, we want our children to be all they can be! (I’m making an assumption here, but I hope you agree).

I believe the single most important thing that makes a child grow up to be all they can be vs. one that doesn’t, is love. That may seem over-simplified and to a point, it is. However, I can say both from a professional standpoint and a personal one that even when a child lives in a toxic environment, if they know they are loved, they fare much better.

I’m a Guidance Counselor in a High School and I hold a license in Mental Health Counseling. I’ve seen my share of people who have been hurt by other people. When counseling a client who had been abused or abandoned or both or worse, if they had one person in their life that loved them (even if that love was imperfect), they had a better chance of healing and overcoming their pain than those who didn’t have that in their life.

I want to encourage you today to be that one person! Be the one person that makes a difference in a child’s life. You will not only be doing that child a favor, you will be doing the world a favor. We need children to know they are loved so they can grow up and be all they can be—making the world a better place for us all.

We know that if you are authentically you, if you follow your passion, if you fulfill your destiny—you add to the greatness of this world! If a child feels loved, they will be able to be authentic, find their passion and follow their destiny. Show love today!

Wanda Luthman

Children’s Author


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Happy Christmas!

This will be my last post for a week or so as I will be spending the festive season with family. You don’t get rid of me that easily and I will be back, before the new year like the proverbial bad penny so you have been warned! To all my readers, have a truly wonderful Christmas and look after yourselves. Very best wishes to you all. Kevin  PS; my collection of short stories, An Act Of Mercy remains discounted, on amazon.com until 24 December. Amazon advise that it was discounted since 18 December, however due to me living in the UK I was unable to see this when viewing my book on amazon.com.

The Bliss of Solitude

I have just been sitting on my sofa listening to the rain falling. It is a soothing sound and provides a welcome change from the noise of the television which signified the presence of my mum and her partner. It goes without saying that it was wonderful to have my mum stay with me for a week. We ate out often and had a wonderful time including a visit to an historic palace. However the sound of the television and the presence of my mum and her partner made it difficult for me to concentrate on my writing. I require solitude and the absence of external distractions such as music while writing and this has been largely lacking for the past week. My two bed room flat is spacious but it is amazing how sound travels. The answer is obvious. I need to win the lottery, buy a large house in the country and retire to my study in the west wing when guests are present and I need to write. I don’t play the lottery so this may be a little difficult so, dear readers please send donations, however large to K Morris, PO box 252, the Bahamas! I can hear pens scratching already as you all rush to right out cheques for significant sums. I’m off now to check out mantions in England’s green and pleasant land. Kevin

I Am Taking A Break And I May Be Some Time!

I shall be taking a break from blogging for a week or so while my mum and her partner visit my sprawling estate in the country. Err I mean my flat in Crystal Palace (the estate was wishful thinking)! I must go now due to the need to brief the servants on the preparations for tonight’s banquet. See you all in a week or so. Kevin