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As a poet (or writer/author of any description), the most important activity is, to state the blatantly obvious that of writing. Its tempting to regard promoting one’s work as a chore. So far as my poetry is concerned, most of my promoting consists of posting examples of my work on this site (kmorrispoet.com) and, by so doing bringing my writing to the attention of a wider audience.

Notwithstanding the publication of examples of my poetry on this site (which provides me with pleasure as I know that my readers enjoy reading my work), I fall into the category of those who do, in general find self-promotion somewhat tedious. I am, however aware of its importance and recently kicked myself (metaphorically speaking of course) when I had no business card to give to a lady who indicated to me that she derives pleasure from reading poetry. While I did give the lady the address of this site (kmorrispoet.com), given that she was on her way to the office and doubtless had many things on her mind (the impending working day being formost amongst them), I suspect that she will have forgotten the address of this site.

The above is a lesson to me to order more business cards, and I will perform this chore over the coming weekend. In my experience, one can go for weeks without handing out a card (obviously you should not foist them willy-nilly on members of the public)! However (when people express an interest in your work) they are a good means of jogging memories. “Who was that chap who writes poetry? Ah I have his card here. I will take a look at his site”. Of course some cards will be lost or deliberately filed in the dustbin, but others will be used to find out more about the author/poet/writer in question. So obtaining business cards is in my view a chore worth performing.


How to Promote Your Books

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How best to promote one’s literary masterpiece, is an issue which exercises the mind of many an author, including my own. In the spirit of reaching out to my fellow authors I thought it was high time for me to set out my thoughts on this most important of topics. Below are some suggestions which will, I hope prove helpful to those who labour over smoking hot keyboards:

1. Climb Nelson’s column and recite passages, from your books with the aid of a loud hailer from that vantage point. You will, no doubt attract a crowd of curious onlookers together with a fair quantity of pigeon droppings for Trafalgar Square is a magnet to which our feathered friends flock. If it’s a nice sunny day you might also wish to don colourful swimming attire thereby further delighting the audience who will be listening, with rapt attention to your every word.
2. Hide behind the bookshelves in W. H. Smiths or some other purveyor of books and jump out on potential readers shouting at the top of your voice, “buy my book, buy my book” and if they are so ungracious as to refuse to avail themselves of your literary masterpiece, belabour them around the head with a copy of same.
3. Remove other authors books from the shelves in public libraries (for they are mere dross when compared to your scribblings) and replace their works wwith copies of your worthy tomes.
4. When talking to potential dates, regail them with chapter and verse as to why they should purchase your books. I find it helps to back them into a corner and (if at all possible) to ensure there is no easy means of exit. You may well not find the love of your life by employing such a stratagem. However your ex date will, very probably buy your book in order to effect his/her escape!
5. Send out automated tweets, every 5 seconds or so saying “please, please, please buy my book”. Your Twitter followers will be so impressed with your efforts they will show their appreciation by purchasing your book in droves or, just possibly deserting you in droves …!
6. If all else fails, repeat and repeat again!

The Read: An Opportunity For Southern California Based Actors And Writers To Showcase Their Talent

I have been contacted with a request to promote “The Read”. The read offers talented new writers and actors the opportunity to showcase their talent. The programme is open to those based in Southern California only. For details of this opportunity please visit http://www.cineartsdancetheatre.com/.



Driven Potty

As an author I do understand the need to promote my books. From time to time this site carries posts doing precisely that. In addition I am very happy to help spread the word regarding my fellow authors. To this end I have published a number of guest posts by other writers on a variety of topics mainly, but not limited to their literary work. If you are interested in guest posting please email me at newauthoronline (at) gmail dot com.

All of the above is part of being an author. However what drives me barmy is constant automated requests to promote other writer’s work. Recently I have received automated posts, every few hours from one person who shall remain nameless asking me (together with their other followers/readers) to retweet the fact they have a new book out. This is annoying as it clogs up my inbox which is already groaning under the weight of WordPress notifications. Where I to retweet every time this blogger sent out their automated post asking me to do so my own readers would, quite naturally become irritated with me and I wouldn’t blame them for doing so.


This is the first time I have come across this practice and I sincerely hope it will be the last. The vast majority of bloggers do not engage in this behaviour and demonstrate respect for their followers. I suspect the person who is driving me potty is not aware of the effect of their actions so I have not followed my inclination to unfollow (what an ugly word that is) them. However if they persist I will do just that – unfollow them.

I did think long and hard regarding whether to post this. However, on reflection I think the above points do require to be made.



Its All About Me, Really!

An interesting short piece on the use of social media by authors. The article argues that users of social media should ensure that the focus of their posts is not solely on “me”, rather the focus should be on building a community and providing space for your followers to express themselves and participate. For the piece please visit http://www.authorsonline.co.uk/newsletter/nov13-using-social-media.php